As of Friday evening, the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office said no arrests had been made.

Mashkhal Ibrahim, who’s facing a felony hit-and-run charge, was directed to be arrested after failing to show back up in court for a motion to continue his case following a failed drug test.

In August 2018, JMU student Jared Antle was entering a vehicle when another car struck him. The incident left Antle with a traumatic brain injury, and he’s been recovering ever since. The driver of the black Honda Pilot that hit Antle left the area on foot following the crash.

The car was reported missing by Ibrahim’s father, Nerges Ibrahim, shortly before the crash. Mashkhal turned himself in November 13. 

Mashkhal arrived at the Rockingham County Circuit Court Friday morning, said Clerk of Court Chaz Haywood. He was out on bail at the time, according to court records.

Judge Thomas J.Wilson ordered Mashkhal to be drug tested, Haywood said. The test results came back positive, and Mashkhal neglected to return to court. Wilson then issued an order for Mashkhal to be arrested, Haywood said.

As of Friday evening, the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office said no arrest had been made. Aaron Cook, Mashkhal’s attorney, said Mashkhal will be back in court Thursday morning as scheduled.

According to Cook, Ibrahim is being held at a facility in northern Virginia and will appear in court Tuesday to complete the motion to continue the trial.

Ibrahim was transported from the northern Virginia facility Monday and appeared in court. The trial is set for December 12 and 13.

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