Student radio station WXJM is under a temporary radio broadcasting constriction, citing continuous Federal Communications Commission indecency violations. These changes are occurring because WXJM hasn’t been able to control these violations, which have been occurring more than once a day. Student shows will be broadcast exclusively online this fall.

WXJM offers independent music and student talk shows throughout the week. While WXJM is off the air, Possum Radio, a bluegrass station, will broadcast from the station’s FM frequency. Possum Radio usually plays a default loop for WXJM, used when there aren’t any shows on the air. 

“Once we integrate our CD library into an online database with which to select FCC clean, independent music, regular student broadcasts will return to the FM frequency,” WXJM student executives said in an email obtained by The Breeze.

WXJM is organizing a new program that will offer incentives and opportunities for those who will give to the new system. 

“Please do not view this only as a restriction but as an incentive to contribute efforts towards creating a new system and subsequently getting a station that is more representative of us back on the air,” the email said. 

The WXJM website appears to have been removed. When typing in the URL, a blank WordPress page appears.