The decision was announced to all city staff on May 4.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may result in a layoff of most part-time employees, effective May 10, according to a news release from the city of Harrisonburg.

City finance officials estimate that Harrisonburg will lose up to $4 million in projected local revenues this year. In order to maintain the city’s financial stability, a series of actions will be taken, including the reduction of most part-time staff, a hiring freeze of all non-essential positions, a reduction of non-essential department operating expenses, a stop to capital outlay purchases and a delay in new capital projects.

“The City will reassess the circumstances regularly, and make every effort to ensure affected employees are restored to their position should their position be reopened in the future,” the release said. “However, at this time, the City cannot guarantee that these positions will be restored.”

The decision was announced to all city staff on May 4. Though municipal buildings have been closed to the public, all core city services remain unchanged at this time.

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