greek row (copy)

11 letters were stolen from nine houses Friday night. 

Several letters from houses on Greek row went missing Friday, the first night of recruitment. According to JMU’s daily crime log, an incident report was made Saturday stating that the Greek “letters were removed from the outside of nine buildings.” No suspects have been identified. 

The incident was reported to have happened around 8 p.m. Friday. Bill Wyatt, university spokesman, said 11 letters are missing. Wyatt also noted that since this incident is still under investigation, JMUPD hasn’t been able to determine if it was malicious. 

“It is an open case, and we will continue investigating until we figure out what happened,” Wyatt said.  

Alpha Sigma Alpha President Meredith Valente said she received a frantic phone call Saturday morning. Valente stressed that the letters are the only way to distinguish the houses from one another, which is crucial for recruitees. In response, many of the houses that had letters missing placed large wooden letters they had on hand in front of the houses to help guide potential new members. This allowed them to “bounce back” according to Valente. 

“It went from panic to ‘oh my god this is actually funny’ pretty quick,” Valente said. 

Adam Lindberg, assistant director of fraternity and sorority life, and JMUPD both said they had nothing to add to Wyatt’s comment. 

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