Maximum capacity for in-person gatherings in Virginia will decrease from 250 people to 25.

In response to the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases, Gov. Northam ordered new restrictions for the state that’ll go into effect Sunday at midnight. Among these new regulations are mask mandates for young children and a stricter maximum capacity for public and private residencies. 

Now, the maximum capacity for in-person gatherings in Virginia is 250 people, but beginning Sunday, this limit will vastly decrease to 25 people. This 25-person limit applies to both outdoor and indoor settings but doesn’t apply to restaurants that have their own social distancing restrictions. 

With the new mandate, children age five and above should wear masks in public. 

Additionally, Northam’s new orders also state that a $2,500 fine will be issued to retailers who violate mask and social distancing mandates. Those who violate these rules can be charged with a class one misdemeanor and up to 12 months of jail time. 

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