Kildea had hopes of being in the CIA or FBI one day. 

On June 28, 20-year-old Amani Kildea was found dead hanging in Morristown, New Jersey, an hour away from his home in Long Valley, New Jersey. Kildea, who graduated high school in May, was going to be a freshman in the fall. 

The death was first reported at 2:47 p.m. on June 28 when someone called in saying they found Kildea’s body

There have been speculations that his death may have been a lynching. According to an online petition, which has nearly 200,000 signatures thus far, Kildea had a seemingly “hopeful future” as he was a high school football player striving for a career path in federal law enforcement — specifically with the goal to be in the CIA or FBI. 


Law enforcement immediately ruled his death a suicide, but his death is still being investigated, Prosecutor Frederic Knapp said, according to Daily Record. The petition states that there was no ladder on the crime scene that Kildea could’ve used to hang himself. 

Kildea’s death, which has drawn comparisons to similar ones of many Black men around the country, has raised awareness of the social injustices Black individuals are facing in the U.S.

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