subway car crash

The van started in the adjacent McDonalds parking lot, according to HPD, then accelerated across the grass median and struck the side of the Subway.

A silver van crashed into the side of the Subway on South Carlton Street around 2 p.m. Friday afternoon.

Harrisonburg Police Department (HPD) Sergeant Wayne Westfall said there were no injuries. Officers were still investigating, but Westfall said the car  started in the parking lot of the McDonalds next door, then accelerated across the grass median and crashed into the Subway, shattering the brick wall and glass windows.

The Subway will be closed indefinitely. Firemen were working to clean up the debris, and once building officials secure the building and release it back to the owner, Westfall said, the timeline for reopening will be under the owner’s discretion.

Early Friday on South Carlton Street, a silver van struck the side of a Subway building. Officers from the Harrisonburg Police Department [HPD] are conducting their investigation. There were no reported injuries from the incident. Sergeant Westfall said charges will be filed against the driver for the damage done to the building.


Charges will be filed against the driver. Westfall had not yet estimated the property damages, but he said the “appropriate charge” would be reckless driving.

One Subway employee, Shane Blake, said the employees were working on the line when the crash occurred.

“We hear a boom and then we look over and the wall’s coming in,” Blake said. “I had come outside to look and then there was that van on the side [of the building.]”

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