8.  Strawberry Crème-Filled Truffle: This chocolate truffle had a fluffy strawberry crème inside that took away the sweetness of the milk chocolate layer on the outside. Personally I’m not an advocate for fruit and chocolate together, making this square my least favorite surprise of them all.

7.  Coconut-Filled Truffle: Although my co-host loved the dark chocolate coconut truffle, I’ve always been anti-coconut. This truffle had a thin layer of dark chocolate go to waste with a thick ball of coconut goo on the inside. However, what’s a Russell Stover chocolate heart without a coconut-filled truffle?

6. Bubblegum Taffy-Filled Truffle: This chocolate had a chewy consistency that distracted from the intense aftertaste flavor of bubblegum. Although I expected to dislike milk chocolate-covered bubblegum taffy, the ratio of flavors were a subtle and sweet indulgence.

5. Toffee: At first bite, this treat tasted like caramel because of the chewy and stretchy consistency. But once I got to chewing, I realized there was more of a taffy-like substance that tasted almost coffee and nut-like. The milk chocolate layer complimented the toffee aftertaste, although the amount of toffee was a little overbearing.

4.  Nutty Crème-Filled: Fluffy and chocolatey, this nutty truffle bar has a dark chocolate layer that perfectly couples with the filling of a light mocha taste, almost like coffee. You can’t go wrong with this combo.

3. Coffee Crème-Filled: I was so excited when I bit into this truffle because there was a distinct taste of coffee that didn’t overwhelm the taste of chocolate, making the perfect mix and perfect treat. I wouldn’t mind if the whole box was filled with them.

2. Milk Chocolate Crème-Filled: This super sweet milk chocolate truffle is an adventure into happiness. This chocolate reminds me a lot of a Three Musketeers bar because of the fluffy and creamy filling. If you love milk chocolate then look no further.

1. Caramel: From the beginning, my co-host and I were searching for the classic milk chocolate caramel truffle. In the end, nothing could beat the way the caramel melted into my mouth and partnered with the sweetness of milk chocolate.

 Joanna McNeilly is a sophomore writing, rhetoric and technical communication major. Contact Joanna at mcneilje@dukes.jmu.edu.