Johnny Galecki stars as Gabriel in "Rings"

Johnny Galecki stars as Gabriel in "Rings"

15 years since its release director F. Javier Gutiérrez has attempted to rekindle the horror that came with the original “The Ring” back in 2002 with his newest adaptation to the franchise, “Rings.”

“Rings” is similar in plot but not at all as terrifying compared to the 2002 film directed by Gore Verbinski, which found great success as a classic horror film perfect for any movie night with friends. “Rings” starts with a young man on an airplane whispering a typical line in the Ring series to a young woman, “Did you ever hear about the videotape that kills you after you watch it?” He then proceeds to tell her that he has exactly seven days to live. Moments later, his nose begins to bleed, insects are buzzing, black sludge begins oozing from the bathroom floor and the plane starts falling out of the sky, leading everyone to their deaths. 

The plot starts 13 years after the events of “The Ring Two,” with Holt (played by Alex Roe) and Julia (played by Matilda Lutz), a teenage couple, who get caught up in the deadly curse of the haunted video. The creepy Ring video has now gone digital and dooms anyone who sees it the same curse of having only seven days to live until their gruesome death. In theory, it was a clever approach to create a sequel to the franchise years later, especially with all the new high tech movie films have been offering. So, it comes with a little bit of disappointment that the film falls short compared to the original film.   

One of the major differences between “The Ring” and “Rings” is the addition of the supernatural premise of modern-day technology that rekindles the creepy magic that made the 2002 film a huge horror hit. “The Ring” was originally recorded on a videotape, now imagine the tape stored in another person’s drive and uploaded online, able to be shared with anyone and everyone online. What makes“Rings” somewhat horrifying to the modern world, is that with the open of an email or text, you are dragged into the curse; yikes.

“Rings,” like many of the American remakes before it, falls short of capturing the same spookiness and spine chilling moments in “The Ring.” It was not as scary, awesome or terrifying as the past movies of the franchise, unfortunately. Not even Samara (played by Bonnie Morgan) managed to make my skin crawl. Just like Holt told Julia about the video, I say to you about “Rings”: “Don’t Watch it.”

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