Sometimes, it’s hard to find an open place to eat on campus. Whether someone is new to JMU or has been at the school for years and doesn’t feel like navigating through the official JMU Dining Services website, some people feel there should be an easier way to find out what’s open.

Joseph Cross has come up with what he thinks is a solution to this problem. The senior media arts and design major created for JMU students and faculty. presents visitors with a list of all dining services on campus that are available and helps them figure out which dining halls are open — any places open just pop up on the website. If a location isn’t on the list, then it’s closed at that time.

For example, if someone is looking at the JMmmU website and D-Hall is on the list, then it’s open. If D-Hallisn’t on the list, then it’s not available at that time.

“I thought it would be a more pleasant experience to find where you want to eat lunch or dinner in a quick and efficient manner,” Cross said.

Cross created the website design for JMmmU through an Integrated Science and Technology class. He taught himself how to build the website using HTML, CSS and Javascript and released it to the public at the beginning of the 2014 school year.

“The biggest challenges were probably deciding on a design that I liked and figuring out exactly how [Javascript] worked, because it was my first time using it,” Cross said. “Also, entering in all the hours for each place into the function it uses was challenging mainly because it was tedious and time consuming.”

Angela Ritchie, JMU Dining Services’ marketing manager, said the website is a great idea and is open to partnering with students like Cross.

“The ability to have access to information in real time and mobile devices is essential in serving our customers,” Ritchie said.

There are currently no plans for the two to work together, but they’re open to partnering in the future.

JmmmU started with over 1000 visitors to the website on its first day. The website was originally geared toward the freshman class, but has been used by students and faculty. The website now garners around forty to seventy views per day.

“It can be annoying not knowing what time things close on campus and it would be nice to be able to see what stations are open and where,” Erin Herbst, a freshman media arts and design major, said.

Although it is a website and not an app, JMmmU is mobile friendly so students can view the website on the go. Cross doesn’t have plans to turn the website into an app.

“When I’m running late from class and I’m in a bit of a rush, has really been a life saver,” Dylan Nicholls, a sophomore business major, said. “My schedule is so busy at times that it is hard to sit down and figure out what is available. It is nice to just pull out my phone and see what’s open.”

Having a website connected to the different dining services around campus also helps students find what places on campus best fit their weekly schedules.

“Overall JMmmU follows the cardinal rule of web design; ‘strip your website down to the basics and do a few things really well,’” Nicholls said. “It gives JMU students a simple, sleek solution to their dining information needs.”