Many students and Harrisonburg locals alike know of the local late-night cookie delivery service known as Campus Cookies. If one way to get cookies at 2 a.m. wasn’t enough, there will be a new addition to the cookie craze later this month, Insomnia Cookies. This means that Campus Cookies may face some competition in the near future. 

“We definitely are aware of Insomnia Cookies and certainly understand their reason to continue to expand across the nation,” Scott Davidson, the owner and founder of Campus Cookies and a 2009 JMU alumnus, said. “We definitely feel like it’s best for us to continue to focus on us and what makes us great, and not necessarily get caught up in any type of negativity.”

Like Campus Cookies, Insomnia Cookies has been a popular supplier of late-night college snacking. People have been losing sleep over Insomnia Cookies since 2003 when Seth Berkowitz, a University of Pennsylvania student, coined this classic concept. 

“Insomnia Cookies looks for active communities that we can be a part of, which made opening in Harrisonburg an easy choice,” Courtney Altamura, marketing manager at Insomnia Cookies, said.

The company has 91 locations expanding across the East Coast. They specialize in the delivery of cookies straight to the hungry customer’s doorstep until 3 a.m. What sets Insomnia Cookies apart from other late-night bakeries is its strive to building strong relationships with the community. 

“We believe the experience we provide our guests is unparalleled,” Altamura said. “We consider everyone that works at Insomnia Cookies family and we want everyone that comes to our store or has cookies delivered to feel that way too.”

Back in March, Campus Cookies was offered to be bought out by Insomnia Cookies but respectfully declined the offer.

“We were flattered by their buyout offer — they saw something very special,” Davidson said. “The terms and timing didn’t align, and there’s nothing I love more than the working on the creative canvas that is Campus Cookies.”

Each Campus Cookie averages at $1.25 with over 20 flavors to choose from, each cookie is baked to order and delivered to the customer’s door. 

According to Altamura, the most popular Insomnia Cookie flavors include: Chocolate Chunk, a cookie filled with chunks of rich chocolate inside a chocolate cookie, and the S’mores Deluxe, which is a campfire classic packed with chocolate pieces, marshmallows and graham crackers baked into a chocolate cookie.  

The cookies average at about $1.45, while deluxe, or bigger cookies, cost $2.95. 

In honor of the grand opening of Insomnia Cookies in Harrisonburg later this month, the bakery will be offering a free cookie to all of the customers who present the “free cookie coupon” at the store which is located on University Boulevard. 

“I’m excited for Insomnia Cookies to come to JMU,” Kristi Monte, a sophomore music education major, said. “I like Campus Cookies for their prices, and for their coupons and deals that I get in my email, so if Insomnia Cookies offers deals like that, I would be open to it.” 

It’ll be up to the members of the community to decide where to go to satisfy their cookie cravings.

“It’s inevitable to have competition to some degree, and we’re certainly in a good position to handle the situation,” Davidson said.


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