Here’s a list of weekly specials that are perfect for anyone on a budget. Whether it's a night out with friends or a hot date night with your significant other, these deals will be sure to score.

What I’ve found in recent years is that healthy food can actually be incredibly tasteful and it’s much easier to stay on track if you have healthy food that you crave.

It’s hard to kickstart your morning without help from a cup of coffee. College made me dependent on it, but what we shouldn’t depend on is all the calories coming with it.

I got Dining Dollars Gold because it was the most cost-efficient meal plan, and I was absolutely terrified at the thought of having to budget out yet another thing in my life.

Not only is UREC now proudly serving Starbucks, but mac and cheese too. At the gym? That’s right. Freshens Fresh Food Studio is back and better than ever. 

While this time of year is frequently associated with the move-in of new JMU students, several new companies have also moved in downtown. 

Summer’s the best time for food. Everything’s lighter and usually a bit simpler, and most dishes are best served outside, soaking up the sun.

Are you already stressing about picking classes for next fall? Close out of MyMadison and slowly back away from your computer. It’s time for a dessert break. Here are three delicious desserts perfect for a college budget, dorm and the spring breeze (pun intended).

Let’s Go! Local is not making the cut for the future plans of D-Hall. After this semester, it will no longer be available.

Because bubble tea uses only three common ingredients found in the average household, it requires little effort and can easily be manipulated to fit your taste.

D-Hall’s circular shape and broad range of dining options have made it a staple on JMU’s campus, but this revered establishment will soon see its final days. 

Many students and Harrisonburg locals alike know of the local late-night cookie delivery service known as Campus Cookies. If one way to get cookies at 2 a.m. wasn’t enough, there will be a new addition to the cookie craze later this month, Insomnia Cookies. This means that Campus Cookies may…

Craving something salty? Sweet? Spooky? For this Halloween, I have done a rating of the best candies this season for trick-or-treating.