Delicious dorm desserts

Are you already stressing about picking classes for next fall? Close out of MyMadison and slowly back away from your computer. It’s time for a dessert break. Here are three delicious desserts perfect for a college budget, dorm and the spring breeze (pun intended).

Handful of Heaven


-Ready-made mini Angel Cakes (found at your local grocery store)

-Fruit (bananas, strawberries, blueberries … all three or just one)

-Whipped cream


First, slice the fruit. Next, place fruit inside the mini cake. Finally, top with whipped cream and enjoy this “handful of heaven.” Feel free to proceed to eat the whipped cream from the can; it’s been a long week, you deserve it.

Nutella-Banana Bonanza  


-Matzos (Crackers found at your local grocery store)


-1 Banana


First, slice up the banana. Next, spread Nutella on to the cracker. Then, place the banana slices on top of the Nutella. Finally, break the cracker into pieces and enjoy the salty, yet sweet crunch as the chocolate and banana create the perfect pairing.

Gooey Chocolate Mug Cake


-1 Egg

- ¼ Cup of powdered sugar

-1-2 Tablespoon Cocoa powder

-Hot fudge and whipped cream are highly recommended but not required


First, crack the egg and add powdered sugar and cocoa powder into a mug. Next, stir this mixture together. Then, microwave the mug for one minute, or until the cake is completely cooked through. Finally, top with hot fudge and whipped cream if you so desire and enjoy this chocolatey goodness that’ll  be sure to leave you reaching for another mug.

These desserts are quick and easy to make. They’re not only affordable, but also adaptable; they can even be made in a dorm. Not to mention they’re the perfect sweet treat. So, ditch the stress and headaches of enrollment period, at least for a few minutes. It’s time to swing into spring in a more relaxed mood. With this in mind, take a bake break and treat yourself to one or all three of these scrumptious desserts.

Kate Formeller is a sophomore social work major. Contact Kate at