Cash Cash concert

Picture of the crowd from the concert. 

Booming music and neon lights made the large auditorium of Wilson Hall feel like a nightclub for students the evening of Thursday, April 13, when many gathered to see Cash Cash and Kap Slap perform a DJ set they wouldn’t soon forget.

Students lined up at the front doors. Some were more avid Cash Cash fans while others were there to experience their first concert and listen to a new group. For most of these students, one of the biggest perks of this concert was that it was easily accessible and relatively inexpensive, ranging from 24 to 34 dollars depending on where you sat.

The two groups, Cash Cash and Kap Slap, are DJ groups who remix old songs while also adding in tracks of their own. Their concerts consist of a mix of these nostalgic tracks with some of their collaborations with other artists. Cash Cash is most well-known for their song “Take Me Home,” which featured Bebe Rexha.

Tara Coll, a freshman psychology and communication sciences and disorders double major, and Sarah Naeher, a freshman health science major, have listened to Cash Cash since the group first started to become famous. Neither had ever been to a show quite like this one; they were very excited to have the group come to campus.

“It’s really nice that we don’t have to go off campus or go somewhere remote,” Coll said.

A Local JMU DJ kicked things off, his upbeat music increasing the anticipation as well as keeping the crowd lively.

Kap Slap opened the show with an interactive set that used a montage of songs that were both energizing and nostalgic. This included snippets of “Soulja Boy,” “We Will Rock You” and “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

He mixed these classic tracks with original mixes, creating a constant flow that had every member of the crowd on their feet or dancing in their seats through the entirety of his set.  

“I loved it, I thought it [the set] was so fun,” Kaitlin King, a freshman communication sciences and disorders major, said.

Kap Slap’s energy onstage was very inclusive and he was constantly making sure his fans were having a good time, often throwing out merchandise and taking selfies with the crowd.

The crowd loved it and there was an auditorium full of people belting out the lyrics to “Livin’ on a Prayer” to prove it.

Cash Cash’s set was colorful both literally and figuratively. The music was bass-heavy and, if you were lucky enough to be in the pit, left your head spinning in the best way possible.

One of the key features of this set was the use of two monitors to display an assortment of bright patterns and the lyrics to their hit songs for the audience to sing along to, even if they didn’t know the words.

The group played many of their popular songs such as “Surrender,” “Millionaire” and “Matches.” They also remixed pieces of songs by hit artists like Icona Pop and Nelly.

Cash Cash spoke to the crowd throughout the performance, attempting to amp them up before the beat drop of each song. The crowd didn’t need much persuading — they consistently kept their hands up throughout the show and reacted accordingly when Jean Paul Makhlouf called them “sexy” or doused the pit with a bottle of water.

Toward the end of the set, Makhlouf said, “I think JMU is one of the loudest colleges in the f------- world!”

Fans such as senior history major Hope Barbour enjoyed the intense drops and flow between songs Cash Cash offered during the set, as well as the throwbacks integrated into Kap Slap’s set.

“Cash Cash was amazing and so was Kap Slap. That was a really really great show,” Barbour said.

After a night of powerful bass and rhythmic dancing, it’s a wonder as to how the roof of Wilson Hall didn’t come crashing down.  

Alexis Miller is a sophomore media arts and design and psychology double major. Contact Alexis at