Wouldn’t it be amazing to eat a daily portion of saturated fat, and not gain an ounce?

It was once thought that all saturated fats are unhealthy. However today we now know that certain saturated fats, like coconut oil, are actually heart-healthy foods. For decades, practitioners in the health field have said that saturated fats are bad for you and can lead to negative consequences such as high cholesterol, heart disease and obesity. In 2009, a study was completed by the University of Mexico and it was found that women who consumed 2 tablespoons of coconut oil daily for 12 weeks did not gain more weight, but also had a lower percentage of abdominal fat, which is typically harder to lose and can contribute to heart problems.

The goods on saturated fat in coconut oil are that it contains lauric acid, which is a medium chained triglyceride. Unbeknownst to most of you, lauric acid increases the good HDL cholesterol in the blood to help improve your overall cholesterol level. The reason why lauric acid is a healthy fat is because it automatically gets broken down into energy compared to long chained triglycerides that can potentially cause a heartache.

Besides assisting in weight loss, the oil in coconut oil contains a positive antioxidant mechanism in the body. The antioxidants help our body stop damage to healthy fats and tissues. Also, during those stressful times of the year coconut oil can help ward off the popular virus and cold that may be spreading around. Consumption through any form (oil, milk, or water) will assist in treating sore throats, urinary tract infections, and bronchitis.

Now for girls who have been trying to obtain healthy and shiny hair: coconut oil can create that. Due to high amounts of vitamin E, it helps soothe damaged and dry hair. While showering, rub a tablespoon of coconut oil onto your hair after shampooing. You will notice a difference in the feel of your hair compared to using a leave in conditioner.

Coconut oil is available in unrefined and refined forms. The refined forms may have been bleached and diluted with chemicals used in the process. Similarly, hydrogenated coconut oils have trans-fatty acids that raise cholesterol levels. The best type of coconut oil is an unrefined type with unaltered versions such as virgin coconut oil. There is no therapeutic dosage for coconut oil. Researches from the University of Michigan say two daily tablespoons is an effective amount to consume, and the effects from it can be seen over time.

Yes, coconut oil can help achieve weight loss, however it should not be used as the only form. Weight loss should contain a balanced diet with daily exercise. When you exercise, the coconut oil will help burn off fat. There will always be other components to a successful weight loss.

Whether you love the taste of tropical fruit or are a nutrition and exercise fanatic like myself, coconuts can make a meal healthier and help improve the quality of your life.