Felicity Jones hosted this past episode of 'Saturday Night Live'

Felicity Jones hosted this past episode of 'Saturday Night Live.'

After coming from a great fall season of sketches, I expected the spring premiere of “Saturday Night Live” to kick off with a bang. I thought Felicity Jones, with her Oscar nomination and “Star Wars” affiliation, would make an interesting host. I thought this episode would continue the show’s comeback.

I was wrong.

This night was filled with lackluster sketches that, while occasionally gave me a laugh, usually left me disappointed. Despite this, there were still a few sketches that were enjoyable. Here’s a rundown of the top three sketches of the night.

1. Susan B. Anthony

A group of girlfriends are out having a fun time in the city and, just for fun, decide to try to summon the ghost of who else but Susan B. Anthony. To the surprise of all present in the room, her ghost appears, portrayed by Kate McKinnon. After learning a few fun facts the ladies decide it’s time to move on and their interest in 19th century feminism, surprisingly, begins to fade. 

2. Donald Trump Press Conference – Cold Open

There’s nothing that cheers up my mood more than Donald Trump. Well, as long as he’s played by Alec Baldwin. This cold open touches on contemporary issues, particularly the unverified rumors of intel Russia may have on Trump’s personal life. Baldwin never fails to pull off this character and Trump never fails to help provide “SNL” with material.

3. Beard Hunk 

Five ladies fight for the attention of Nick, played by Beck Bennett, in this mock version of the show “The Bachelor.” While it had its comedic moments, such as the recurring line “Mmmm I like this,” none of the jokes had any real uniqueness to them and fell flat.

Overall, “SNL” seems to be going back to their trends in previous seasons in taking the easy way out. Students seemed to agree that this episode was low quality especially compared to how well “SNL” had been doing in previous seasons.

As usual, future president Trump was also not a fan. On Sunday he tweeted “.@NBCNews is bad but Saturday Night Live is the worst of NBC. Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television!”

While this episode was a let-down I have high hopes for next week’s episode hosted by Aziz Ansari with musical guest Big Sean.

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