Booming music and neon lights made the large auditorium of Wilson Hall feel like a nightclub when students gathered to see Cash Cash and Kap Slap perform.

Many band breakups have shaken the music industry in its entirety, while others slide under our radar, barely catching attention from the media. In recent years, we’ve seen some of the worst breakups and have had to say goodbye to some of the most influential bands in this history of music.

Body image is ever-evolving, and while it might not transform overnight, it can be improved with some conscious, healthy habits and self-love.

Free is a college student’s favorite word. Madipalooza provides free food, entertainment and swag. But only if you beat the crowds. Here are some tips to make the most out of this year’s festival:


Harrisonburg's annual DIY music festival, MACROCK, is only a few days away. In anticipation of the festival, we highlight some of the top artists. 

Sofar Sounds, which recently came to Harrisonburg, creates intimate concert settings. The catch, however, is that the venue is secret and space is limited. 

Fans and hip-hop junkies alike were on the edges of their seats earlier in the day when Lamar wiped his Instagram clean and posted a cryptic image of the Roman numeral “IV” in white type on a black, leathery background.

Khalid's album is a dreamy, spacy project in which '60s soul meets contemporary R&B, presented by a smartphone-obsessed crooner for the internet age.

The Reel Change Documentary Film Festival is open from March 20-25 at the Court Square Theatre. The festival brings non-fiction films attempting to bring awareness, advocacy and change to the table in hopes of creating public dialogue and initiating education.

A tale as old as time is being told in a positively enchanting new light. Disney managed to outdo its own animated production with its live-action remake of “Beauty and the Beast.”