White Reaper's new album conveys a wholesome message of showing everyone affection despite previous circumstances.

White Reaper’s fifth album, “You Deserve Love,” has been released Oct. 18, contains plenty of the band’s punk sound. The new album covers nostalgic feelings like thinking about old friendships with a smooth rock vibe but suffers from the lyrics often blending with the instruments, making them difficult to discern what’s being said.

Speaking of nostalgia, many songs, including “Real Long Time,” start out feeling similar to the bands “Thin Lizzy” and “Electric Light Orchestra.” 

“Real Long Time” is all about being patient. The song conveys the band appearing to rush to finish a task as they were “trying to get done with the deed.” Because of the band members’ rush, they may miss out on other opportunities, as they “couldn’t get myself to even look away from my feet / Thinking the story’s complete” rather than carefully looking back through the work. Throughout the song, a synthesized Thin Lizzy-esque beat carries it into head-bobbing territory that’s fairly relaxing to accompany the message of taking one’s time.

Although the lyrics are mainly drowned out by the raging guitar riffs, “Raw” is still worth a mention. It jumps straight into what feels like an all-out jam session for the band as a frenetic beat picks up and never stops with the high speed lifestyle of using others’ emotions for one’s own schemes. The song talks about, “Big tricks on love / Like almost out of spite,” due to manipulation. A lack of empathy is emphasized when the narrator mentions, “I don’t care if I call again,” now that the members’ own desires have been fulfilled.

Easily the best song of the album, “Saturday” tackles dealing with nerves. For some, going out can be a struggle due to social anxiety. From the beginning, this is acknowledged as an invitation and leads to the line, “Thank you much for calling me / But my hand’s already trembling.” The rough slamming on the drums and short, sporadic guitar strums emphasize the nervousness rising within as the social events occur. This may cause visible discomfort for all involved, forcing the person to awkwardly apologize and explain that “I’m just trying to politely ask him to excuse my misbehavior.” Even being polite can feel strange, such as attempting to slip away or “trying to arrive in such a manner so as not to look alone.” 

The song “You Deserve Love” has the wholesome message of showing everyone affection despite previous circumstances. The line, “We spent so, so long sorting this out / It’s been 24 months now to the day,” talks about arguing over a recurring problem, hoping a solution will be found. Rather than focusing on being right, the narrator would rather admit they’ll see each other again, saying, “And maybe we can trade secrets / Get back to how it used to be before it all again.” An upbeat tone signals that there’s hope that both parties can let go of past resentments and rekindle their relationship.

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“You Deserve Love” is a solid album with plenty of nostalgic feelings accompanied by a smooth and slow rock beat. Even with some songs on which it’s difficult to hear the lyrics, the actual sound of the song is still appealing enough to overlook this flaw. With the weather finally cooling down, this album adds a little something to warm people up from the inside with its overwhelming coziness.

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