Peter Weber

Peter was in the top three final men on the previous season of "The Bachelorette."

This week on “The Bachelor,” tensions are at an all-time high despite it only being the second episode. The “champagnegate” scandal rocked the contestants, burning bridges and sparking accusations among Hannah Ann and Kelsey. 

Peter and Hannah Brown finish their conversation in a long, drawn-out process where the two proceed to cuddle just for Peter to tell her it’s not going to work out. He returns to the girls anxiously waiting outside of the room for the rest of their group date, and they’re not happy. He then cancels it and sends everyone back to the mansion. 

The drama continues as the girls expect Peter to explain his behavior and stop wasting their time. He gives the same vague apology about him wanting to put last season of “The Bachelorette” drama in the past. It was a pathetic attempt to work it out with the girls, and many of the contestants don’t seem convinced that he’s fully over Brown. They all decide to put the situation behind them and move forward into the night’s mixer. 

Kelsey’s night takes a turn for the worst when her special champagne is hijacked by Hannah Ann and Peter, leading Kelsey to drunkenly spiral out of control — so much for the two drinks per hour rule. She began crying and accusing Hannah Ann of plotting against her even though it was clearly an accident. The producers try to remedy the situation by getting a new bottle of champagne for Kelsey and Peter to enjoy. The situation only escalates from there as Kelsey tries to drink straight out of the bottle, spilling it all over her face. She storms off and throws another tantrum. It’s difficult to tell if she was just too drunk or if she actually believes Hannah Ann is out to get her. 

The rose ceremony this week is awkward after the blowout from the night before. Despite hoping that Peter sees through Kelsey’s craziness, he gives her the final rose, which is to be expected because they’re the show’s main source of drama. The next day, the contestants compete as models in a runway show for Peter — which isn’t degrading at all. Kelsey hopes she can redeem herself, while Victoria F. struggles with her confidence. 

The competition is drawn out and relatively uneventful until it comes down to the last two: Hannah Ann and Victoria F. In typical Hannah Ann fashion, she cuts off Victoria F. on the runway and blocks her from view. It’s painfully uncomfortable to watch Victoria stand there angry and confused, eventually walking off stage. 

Pretty much everyone in the house may hate Hannah Ann at this point, with Kelsey being her most adamant critic. Fans are torn over Hannah Ann; some can’t wait to see her go, while others like her boldness. This tension leads Hannah Ann to confide in Peter, accusing Kesley of bullying her. Peter is shocked, confused and isn’t sure what to do. He confronts Kelsey, but she denies everything. Despite the ongoing drama, Peter gives Victoria F. the rose for the night. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next week, as the previews tease more drama and the return of former Bachelor contestant Demi Burnett. 

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