In this week's special episode, host Nick Cannon hands out "Masky's" to contestants.

While the top six contestants wait for next week’s competition, Nick Cannon hosts the first award special for “The Masked Singer.”

This week, Cannon is giving out “Masky’s” — trophies that look like him. Each category is based on past performances and are as general as “Best Pop Performance” and as specific as “Best John Legend Cover by a Cyborg Covered in Sharp Quills.” The other catch for this episode is that it’s a sing-along special. Plus, Cluedle-Doo returns with some more helpful clues.

The first award category is Best Love Song. The nominees are Piglet for “Speechless” by Dan + Shay, Black Swan for “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston and Yeti for “If It Isn’t It Love” by New Edition. The very first “Masky” is awarded to Black Swan for her performance of the Houston classic. The producers also replay the clip of her singing but add the lyrics to make it a sing-along. The vocals are powerful and the stage presence is amazing, making the performance award-winning. 

Cluedle-Doo pops in with two new clues: The globe in one clue package has a specific meaning, and the word “Montana” has nothing to do with Hannah Montana.

The next award is Most Powerful Masked Journey. It goes to the Crab, who turned out to be Bobby Brown. The show replays footage of him seeing and trying on the Crab suit for the first time and rehearsing in his costume, and the producers roll the clip of him talking about losing his two kids and how he was doing the show for his three youngest to show them that “Dad is still kicking.”

Next is the award for Most Entertaining Train Wreck, which is awarded to Raccoon — Danny Trejo — for “Wild Thing” by The Troggs. They replay the clip of the performance with the lyrics. With the movement on stage and how off-tempo he is, it’s not a surprise this is the category Trejo wins.

The fourth category is Most Emotional Performance. The nominees are Black Swan’s rendition of “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon, Orca’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison and Piglet for “7 Years” by Lukas Graham. Piglet wins this award. The genuine sound and strength he portrays in his voice adds the emotion that’s needed when singing a song like “7 Years,” even making Jenny McCarthy tear up. Cluedle-Doo returns and mentions that the numbers on the scoreboard and whiteboard in Piglet’s football-themed clue package were significant.

After the audience recognizes Piglet, Grandpa Monster — Logan Paul — is awarded Most Rebellious Character. To emphasize the theme of rebellion, they choose Paul’s performance of  “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett as his sing-along clip. He makes many troublemaking moves on stage. 

Then, it’s time for Best John Legend Cover by a Cyborg Covered in Sharp Quills, which goes to Robopine. The show replays his performance of “All of Me” by John Legend, but Cluedle-Doo interrupts before audiences get to watch the clip: The DNA sign from a previous clue package represented genes — or perhaps jeans. 

There were six pictures on a wall, and half of them represent previous roles Robopine has played. After those clues, they go back to Robopine’s performance. He has such a rich tone and a beautiful sound as he sings to Nicole Scherzinger to the point of making her emotional.

The next award is Best Rock Performance, which is given to the Orca — Mark McGrath — for his debut performance of “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sisters. This is the perfect award for this song, as he transformed “The Masked Singer” stage into a full-on rock concert. It was also the first time in five seasons that the judges got onto the table and danced the whole time.

Up next is Best Pop Song. The nominees include The Phoenix — Caitlin Jenner — with “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha, the Russian Dolls for their cover of “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars and Black Swan singing “In My Blood” by Shawn Mendes. The award goes to the Russian Dolls. While the other two performances were well done, the Russian Dolls’ version of “24K Magic” is a truly  professional performance. 

They go all out for it and introduce the fourth doll. Cluedle-Doo reappears to point out some more clues, like the first doll wearing a hat with 29 in Roman numerals on top, the pop art from week 4 and a sign from a previous clue package that says “Mitzfitz Toyz Store.”

Cannon gets excited to hand out the next award — The Best Song Performed by An Inanimate Object That Brings Me Back to ’90s Slumber Parties — which goes to Tamera Mowry, who was the Seashell, for “I Think We’re Alone Now,” by Tiffany. Her voice is perfect for this type of song. Scherzinger even says it’s her best performance.

Best Rap is the next award to be handed out. Since he’s the only one who’s done any rap, Chameleon’s last three performances are all nominated. However, his performance for “Ride Wit Me” by Nelly got the award. It’s such an upbeat performance that has everyone dancing. For Cluedle-Doo’s clues on the Chameleon, he points out four playing cards in an “Ace / Two” pattern and a “slippery when wet” road sign.

Next is Most Feel Good Performance. The award goes to the Snail — Kermit the Frog — for his performance of “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hall & Oates. It’s a fun and uplifting song that’s perfect for his personality. Kermit’s positive vibe makes it 10 times more enjoyable.

To make things progress more quickly, the show then move into rapid-fire Maskys. The award for Best-Worst Dancer goes to Robin Thicke, Best Reaction to Seeing the Masky goes to Cannon and Best Reaction to Seeing Their Costume goes to Paul.

The final award is Most Game-Changing performance. The nominees include the Russian Dolls for “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson, Yeti for “Lonely” by Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco and Bulldog — Cannon — for “Candy Girl” by New Edition. Yeti is the one to take home the last award. His performance of “Lonely” is full of emotions, and viewers can feel the pain of how much he struggled in his past.

Just as Cannon is about to wrap up the show, Cluedle-Doo interrupts again with another surprise. He tells the audience they’re about to get “Chick Rolled,” and it cuts to a video of all of the unmasked singers singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Roll. He also gives the viewers a clue about himself. He says he has a connection with a past contestant, the Gremlin, who was revealed to be Mickey Rourke.

After this fun episode, next week goes back to the competition as the “Spicy Six” face each other once again.

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