The Russian Dolls were unmasked and revealed to be Hanson — correctly guessed by Scherzinger, McCarthy and Riggle.

After saying goodbye to Robopine (Tyrese Gibson), “The Masked Singer” Spicy Six becomes the Feisty Five.

Before the performances, the audience and panel say hello to this week’s guest judge, Rob Riggle. Ken Jeong gets excited for this “Hangover” reunion until Riggle says he forgot Jeong was in the movie.

The Russian Dolls perform first. The clue package for this week is what it’s like being in each contestant’s costume throughout “The Masked Singer.” A GoPro camera shows what the dolls see on stage, and one Doll compares the costume to a giant sandbag. For the bonus clue, the constants say who they’re super fans of, and the Russian Dolls’ favorite is “Weird Al” Yankovic.

For the song, they choose “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John. The Dolls have a blast with this performance, wearing feather boas and John’s iconic glasses, and one Doll spends some time at the piano. It’s a fun rendition and one of the best performances they’ve had thus far.

The other bonus clue is a piece of fan mail. The Russian Dolls’ letter talks about how the person loved them individually and as a group “to the moon and back.” Riggle guesses Devo, Jeong guesses Savage Garden — or BareNaked Ladies — and Nicole Scherzinger says it’s Hanson. After hearing the clues, Hanson and The Jonas Brothers are both good contenders.

Up next is Black Swan. She also talks about her experience, from preparing for her performance to the live show, and says Cher is her music idol. After the clue package, Black Swan sings her own rendition of “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. While it’s a slow song, she adds an extra beat into the track so it’s more of a head-bopping sound, and her vocals are on point throughout the performance.

For her fan mail, the letter mentions Oprah and getting well-deserved recognition. Jeong guesses Dua Lipa, and Robin Thicke guesses Normani. Normani is a decent guess, but the vocals connect to JoJo’s voice.

After Black Swan is Piglet. In his clue package, he talks about how he’s been planning on participating in “The Masked Singer” since the first season. He mentions his kid –– whom he calls his “little piglet” –– and says his idol is Bruce Willis. Piglet shows off a hidden talent and becomes the first contestant to begin a song with an operatic introduction. The crowd and panel are suddenly speechless, and he then transitions into  “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder. This is a good song choice for Piglet, as it’s in his vocal range and he displays a solid tone for it.

In his fan letter, it says the person who wrote the letter discovered him in the ’90s. Jenny McCarthy guesses Justin Timberlake, Jeong guesses Jeremy Renner and Thicke guesses Nick Lachey. When listening to the vocals and looking at some of the clues, Piglet could be Lachey.

The next singer to appear is Yeti. For Yeti’s clues, he talks about how he’s loved being the Yeti and participating in the show because it’s the first time he can show aspects of his personal life. For his idol, he mentions P. Diddy and says that they’ve worked together before.

This week, Yeti decides to go country with “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts. It’s a beautiful cover of the song. His voice has the right amount of gentleness and emotion needed for a song like this.

In his letter, his fan called him a “quadruple threat.” The letter says “step up,” which makes Thicke think of Channing Tatum. Jeong guesses Twista, and McCarthy guesses Ne-Yo. Right after, Cluedle-Doo appears and says they’re way off. While Ne-Yo is good –– yet wrong according to Cluedle-Doo –– Omarion is also a potential guess.

The lineup ends with the Chameleon. The clue package mentions him having a theater background and says Jackie Chan is his personal hero. To wrap up the performances, Chameleon performs “Drop It Like It’s Hot” by Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell Williams. He definitely shows off his rap skills once again, which gets the crowd and panel on their feet. Scherzinger tells him, “That was like [an] MTV Music award performance right there.”

In his fan letter, it mentions him being friends with Martha Stewart, and the fan saw him perform at Madison Square Garden. Scherzinger goes back to her guess from last week, which is Snoop Dogg. Riggle guesses Blake Griffin, and Jeong guesses his “family friend” Young Thug. 

Going off of the vocals, the Chameleon has the same sound of Wiz Khalifa, who guest starred on Martha Stewart’s cooking show with Snoop Dogg.

After the Chameleon, it’s time to vote. Once the votes are counted, Nick Cannon says it was the closest the votes have been all season, but the Russian Dolls are voted off. The entire panel is shocked. For their final guesses, Scherzinger guesses Hanson, which McCarthy and Riggle agree with. Thicke goes with Sugarland, and Jeong sticks with an older guess of The Jonas Brothers. When the guesses are locked in, the Russian Dolls take the top half of their costumes off to reveal Hanson. 

Now that the quarter finals are done, viewers and the four remaining singers must anxiously wait for next week’s semifinals to see the top-three finalists.

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