Hometown dates look a lot different this season as the men are tasked with transforming the resort into their home city.

This week on “The Bachelorette,” fans were graced with four hours of Tayshia and her remaining men.

Monday: The Final Four & The Men Tell All

Tayshia kicked off the episode with her final dates before hometowns, shaving her number of men from eight to four in record time.

Blake gets the one-on-one, and it’s obvious from the start that they lack chemistry. They participate in a series of spiritual activities with a reiki and crystal master.

While Blake said he’d be comfortable introducing Tayshia to his family, Tayshia said she can’t get to the same level as him, so she sends him home, shocked.

After a tearful goodbye, Tayshia said she found clarity. She realized she needed to send another man home before the rose ceremony.

Meeting up with the remainder of the men, Tayshia pulls Riley aside. He’s blindsided to learn that Tayshia is sending him home without much explanation, other than that her feelings for him aren’t equivalent to what she feels for the other men.

“The longer I sit here, the longer I look at you, the longer I hear you talk, see you smile,” Riley said, “the more pain I feel.”

Feeling like Tayshia is still the one for him, they say their goodbyes. With six men remaining and four roses up for grabs, they head into the rose ceremony.

To no surprise, Noah is sent home as well as Bennett — for the second time — leaving Ben, Brendan, Ivan and Zac heading into hometowns. The senseless drama between Noah and Bennett overshadowed their relationships with Tayshia, and they paid the price.

The Men Tell All looks different this season, with only a select few men returning to speak their minds: Ed, Kenny, Demar, Jason, Blake, Bennett, Noah and Riley. They sit on awkwardly positioned couches spread across the room, seemingly as a COVID-19 safety precaution.

Ed addresses his feelings about Chasen, saying he didn’t believe Chasen’s feelings for Tayshia were genuine because he used the same “verbiage” with both Clare and Tayshia. Demar comes to Chasen’s defense, finally getting the screen time he deserves, and Ed drops a line he’s likely been planning since he was eliminated.

“He’s the three F’s,” Ed said. “He’s a fraud, fake and phony. And phony has a P-H but he’s too dumb to know that.”

Bennett and Noah rehash their feud for what feels like the thousandth time. Bennett said Noah created the drama. Noah said Bennett was conniving and a “Harvard d-bag.” Riley and Demar said Bennett talked down to the younger men in the house, while Kenny said Noah was drunk and disrespectful.

“Coming from the One Direction party boy manager wearing camo with the star tattoos,” Noah said.

Chris Harrison laughs as they break into heated arguments and steers the conversation to the next topic: a look back at the multiple black censor box nudity segments and Ed’s bromance with Harrison.

The big issue of the night is Yosef’s return. He discusses his exit on the show after calling out Clare for her “immaturity” during the strip dodgeball date. Harrison gives him a chance to apologize, but he stands his ground, making himself look even worse than his stint on the show. Garnering criticism from the other men, they send him on his way.

Tayshia comes out to face the men, particularly Blake and Riley, and the men are able to get closure. Riley thanks her for helping him overcome his fears and said he wouldn’t change anything about the experience.

The rest of the men say their goodbyes to Tayshia, and the show is wrapped up with bloopers.

Tuesday: ‘Hometowns’

Hometowns are finally here this week but with an interesting twist — because of the pandemic, the men must transform the resort into their hometowns. Their families have flown in and quarantined, but in the meantime, the men plan activities that exemplify life in their cities.

Brendan is up first, bringing Tayshia to a carnival representing the best of Milford, Massachusetts. They spend the day playing games with Brendan’s niece, Aliyah, and Brendan teaches Tayshia their secret handshake.

Brendan’s brother, Daniel, and sister-in-law, Christie, meet Tayshia, and they assure her that Brendan is ready for marriage. The hometown date is nearly perfect, and the other men have a tough act to follow.

Zac’s date is next, and he takes Tayshia around the resort in a fake taxi to experience New York City’s best features. They get bagels, eat pizza and have a PG-13 moment in the fountain.

Zac’s parents and his brother, Matthew, meet Tayshia, and Matthew has a stern sit-down with Tayshia to discuss her feelings for Zac. She tells him she’s falling in love with Zac, but he’s concerned about the other three men in her heart — because apparently he doesn’t understand how the show works.

Zac’s parents love Tayshia, and Zac tells his mom that Tayshia makes him want to have a family one day.

Ivan’s hometown is Dallas, Texas, but instead of taking her on a tour of the Southwest, he introduces her to his Filipino heritage. They take a cooking lesson from his 4-year-old niece, Kehlani, who filmed a video teaching them how to make lumpia.

Next, Tayshia meets both of Ivan’s parents, despite his father having major health issues. Ivan’s mom is still skeptical, but his father seems more open to the idea.

He sits down with Tayshia, revealing that he was married to his first wife at a young age, much like Tayshia. He asks what she’s learned from her divorce and warns her not to jump into a second marriage.

Ivan wishes his brother could be there, and to his surprise, he walks through the door. They have a tearful reunion, and his brother tells Tayshia how thankful he is for Ivan’s guidance.

Ben’s Venice Beach hometown is last up, and Ben takes Tayshia on a rollerblading trip. They take wellness shots, stop by a boutique for floppy hats and get caricatures drawn.

Ben’s sister, Madeline, and his close friend, Food Network chef Antonia Lofaso, are there to meet Tayshia. In a sit-down with his sister, Tayshia addresses her concerns about Ben’s inability to open up. Madeline reassures her that it takes a while for Ben to let his guard down.

In a conversation with Antonia, Ben realizes he’s in love with Tayshia. But when the time comes for them to say goodbye, he can’t tell her, and she leaves without knowing it.

Despite nearly perfect hometown dates and almost universal familial approval, Tayshia has to send one man home. When it comes down to Brendan and Ben, Tayshia says goodbye to Ben.

In a heartbreaking goodbye, Tayshia tells him she wished he would’ve opened up more and validated her feelings. He still doesn’t tell her he’s in love with her, and they part ways.

“I should have told her how I felt when I had the chance,” Ben said.

As Tayshia’s journey nears the end, it’s anyone’s guess who will win her heart. With arguably the best final three in “Bachelorette” history, Tayshia has a nearly impossible choice to make.

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