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Although Netflix has said it's renewed the contract with Warner Bros. Television to keep "Friends" on Netflix, it's only until the end of 2019.

“Friends” has been on Netflix since 2015. However, recent reports of Netflix taking it off in January 2019 have driven people into a frenzy. Due to the backlash received, Netflix decided to pay $100 million to keep the show, but only for one more year. For those who want to reminisce but don’t have time to rewatch all 10 seasons, here are my top-10 favorite episodes.

10. Season 3 Episode 16

“The One With the Morning After”

After Ross and Rachel get into a fight, Ross sleeps with another girl and spends the episode trying to hide it from Rachel. Once she finds out, Ross must deal with the repercussions and end of their relationship. This episode is the jumpstart to the rest of the series’ famous trope, “We were on a break!”

9. Season 7 Episode 14

“The One Where They All Turn 30”

While trying to get Rachel to stop being upset about aging on her 30th birthday, the group begins reminiscing on all their 30th birthdays in a series of flashbacks. Phoebe realizes her actual age and Joey helps her feel accomplished. Rachel’s iconic list of her plans to get married and have children before 35 is relatable as she claims she should’ve had to meet the guy by now.

8. Season 5 Episode 8

“The One With all the Thanksgivings”

The group spends Thanksgiving retelling their past worst Thanksgivings in a series of flashbacks. Joey getting his head stuck in a turkey is a classic, but the most dramatic story was Monica accidentally cutting Chandler’s toe off during their first encounter. Her guilt leads to her wearing the turkey head and Chandler revealing that he loves her at the end of the episode.

7. Season 5 Episode 23-24

“The One in Vegas”

In this two-part episode, the group goes to Las Vegas for Chandler and Monica’s anniversary and to visit Joey, who’s supposedly doing a film shoot. They quickly realize the shoot was canceled long before they got there. Chandler and Monica get into a fight about Richard, Monica’s ex, and after making up, they decide to get married. Ross and Rachel beat them to it, having married each other after spending a night drinking in the hotel.

6. Season 5 Episode 14

“The One Where Everyone Finds Out”

The beginning of season five is notorious for Monica and Chandler’s secret romance, but in this episode, the secret finally comes out. When Rachel and Phoebe find out the two are dating, they go to hilarious lengths to get Monica and Chandler to admit it. Meanwhile, Ross tries to snag Naked Man’s apartment when it goes up for rent. Ross eventually finds out the secret after accidentally seeing Monica and Chandler through Naked Man’s window.

5. Season 6 Episode 15-16

“The One that Could’ve Been”

The beginning of season five is notorious for establishing Monica and Chandler’s secret romance. When Rachel and Phoebe find out the two are dating, they go to hilarious lengths to get them to admit it. Meanwhile, Ross tries to snag Naked Man’s apartment when it goes up for rent and eventually finds out after accidentally seeing Monica and Chandler through Naked Man’s window.

4. Season 6 Episode 24-25

“The One With the Proposal”

In this two-part season finale, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe go to a silent auction, where Joey accidentally buys a boat. Ross struggles in his relationship with Elizabeth and eventually breaks up with her while Chandler plans to propose to Monica. His proposal goes awry when Richard gets in the way and tries winning Monica back. When Monica goes missing to see Richard, the friends are in a panic to find her and Chandler thinks he’s ruined his chances. Then he finds her back at the apartment proposing to him instead.

3. Season 4 Episode 23-24

“The One With Ross’s Wedding”

This episode takes place in London at Ross and Emily’s wedding. Naturally, chaos ensues. Monica and Chandler both have rough nights during the rehearsal and end up drinking and waking up in bed together the next day. Phoebe and Rachel stayed home in New York until Rachel realizes she still loves Ross and goes to London to stop the wedding. Despite changing her mind, the wedding still takes a twist when Ross accidentally says Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s during the vows.

2. Season 7 Episode 23-24

“The One With Monica and Chandler’s Wedding” 

As a huge fan of Monica and Chandler’s relationship, this two-part season finale is definitely one of my favorites. The episode focuses on their wedding, one that comes with many complications. Chandler gets cold feet right before the ceremony, and Phoebe and Ross must help him through it. Meanwhile, Joey is supposed to be the officiant but is held up due to shooting a scene in a movie. Adding to the chaos, an unknown pregnancy test is discovered, which is presumed to be Monica’s until the end when it’s revealed to be Rachel’s.

1. Season 10 Episode 17-18

“The Last One”

The last episode is the culmination of the series and concludes each character’s storyline. Monica and Chandler finally find a house and are in the process of moving when Emily, their surrogate, goes into labor and it’s revealed that she had twins. Meanwhile, Rachel gets a job offer in Paris and Ross must decide whether or not to accept his feelings for her. After a going back-and-forth, he finally chases her to the airport and confesses his love, but she gets on the plane anyway. A show’s worth of Ross and Rachel is finally settled when he gets home and she appears, revealing that she “got off the plane.” 

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