The culture section overviews five makeup tutorial options on YouTube.

As college students, it can be difficult to roll out of bed early enough to snag a parking spot; it’s even more challenging to adorn a full face of makeup before running out the door. Whether it’s dramatic or natural, YouTube makeup artists have tutorials to satisfy every busy morning or late night.

YouTube makeup tutorials can be adaptable to a student’s hectic schedule and practical for everyday life. The artists also maintain a level of charisma to connect with their viewers and keep people interested.

1. Cosmobyhaley

Haley Wright created the makeup channel Cosmobyhaley in 2015. In three years, her channel has gained almost 500,000 subscribers and she’s created nearly 200 videos. Wright is the perfect makeup artist for college students in a rush for time and who want to accomplish a stunning look that’s both quick and affordable.

Practicality: Wright’s looks are possible for any level makeup artist to resemble. She often uses inexpensive products that can be found in local drug stores and doesn’t exaggerate glamorous looks. Her stylish appearances are easy to recreate and are appropriate for plenty of situations.

Efficiency: One of the biggest reasons Wright is a top choice for college students is the majority of her videos are under 10 minutes. Though her makeup videos are also compiled into one playlist as opposed to separating the uploads by specific characteristics, her quick and user-friendly tutorials outweigh this one negative aspect of her page.

Charisma:  Wright is relatable and relaxed when going through her tutorials. She explains step-by-step what she’s doing to achieve her look and often offers tips while doing so.

2. Christen Dominique

Christen Dominique is a makeup artist who joined the YouTube community in 2009 and contributes innovative ideas and twists to makeup ideas. With over 3 million subscribers, Dominique frequently posts makeup tutorials that feature both subtle and glamorous looks that appear effortless. Her bubbly personality and skill with cosmetics attracts and educates viewers.  

Practicality: Each look that Dominique demonstrates is striking, yet understated. Her tutorials give detailed instructions that are easy to follow and appeal to makeup novices, as well as experts. While some videos are more about showcasing her creativity — such as the segments where she applies different makeup to each side of her face to represent a country’s makeup look — most of her uploads represent looks the average college student would opt for. Dominique uses cosmetics from an array of brands that range in price. She uses products from Kat Von D’s makeup line, Estée Lauder and Benefit Cosmetics that generally sell products for $20 and over. However, she also uses Maybelline, NYX and e.l.f. brands that typically have cheaper products, ranging from $5 to $15 on average.

Efficiency: Dominique’s video durations average around 10 minutes. Though not ideal, some clips are shorter to fit a tight schedule while still achieving the same alluring appearance. Her playlists are divided into makeup tutorials, celebrity makeup looks and videos that compare a culture’s typical makeup with another culture’s.

During these videos, Dominique applies different makeup to each half of her face to represent the contrasts between one country or nationality’s typical look with another’s. For example, she compares standard American makeup with a typical French look and does this same technique with three other cultures.

Charisma: Beginning with an approximate 10-second introduction in which she poses, Dominique then plays bloopers that occurred when making her video. The contrast from seeing someone model with thumping music in the background to seeing them laugh or make a funny face into the camera disarms the viewers and automatically brands Dominique as affable and pleasant. Though the duration of her videos are somewhat long, her personality compels one to watch until the end.

3. DestinyLashaeMakeup

Beginning as a hairstylist, Destiny Lashae’s popularity and talent has expanded since launching her YouTube channel in 2007. While still maintaining her roots as a hairstylist, Lashae has broadened her channel by frequently posting makeup tutorials and reviews. In the past 11 years, she’s earned over 250,000 subscribers and uploaded hundreds of videos, making her less popular than some of her fellow YouTubers. However, her advocacy for the inclusion of African-American women in the cosmetics industry as well as her innovative makeup looks command attention from viewers.

Practicality: The makeup artist offers a variety of makeup options for an array of occasions. She also openly discusses the problems she’s had with her skin and provides videos on how to correct dark spots or conceal acne scars. Some of the looks she creates are dramatic and some are everyday, making her a practical choice for a student. Lashae created a video demonstrating her favorite products; though most of the cosmetics she recommends in this segment are over $20, she also creates looks from cheaper products that average around $8 each.  

Efficiency: Lashae’s videos on average last about 12 minutes. Some uploads have lengthier or shorter durations, but are a medium length for students. Similar to Lauren Curtis, it’d be more effective if Lashae’s makeup tutorial playlists were divided into particular sections that denote the occasion she’s creating looks for, rather than have all her videos compiled into one playlist.

Charisma: Lashae is perceived as personable and charming; often it feels as if she’s having a conversation with the viewer rather than just giving step-by-step instructions.

4.Lauren Curtis

Lauren Curtis began uploading makeup videos on her YouTube channel in 2011 and has accumulated over 3 million subscribers. In addition to makeup uploads, she also has hair tutorials, travel diaries and advice videos on her channel.

Practicality: Curtis incorporates a diverse range of videos that include certain looks that are excellent for date night, attending classes, or going to Ruby’s Arcade on a Saturday night. Though she offers a wide spectrum of looks for specific events, the makeup she uses is typically expensive — including products from Tarte Cosmetics, Too Faced and Stila Cosmetics that range from $20 to $60 — and she only offers about two tutorials in which she uses affordable products that are $12 each on average. She also doesn’t provide links to the makeup she uses in the description of the video, making it a hassle to search for the particular products she suggests.

Efficiency: The average video length on Curtis’s channel is 12 minutes. While this isn’t extremely long, it can be easy to lose focus after 10 minutes have passed. Also, her makeup tutorial playlist consists of over 100 videos. If her uploads were more organized, it’d be simpler for a viewer to find exactly the look they want, rather than scrolling for five minutes through the videos.

Charisma: The beauty star appears to be genuine and well-versed in her cosmetic knowledge. However, throughout the duration of her makeup tutorials, she doesn’t make any humorous quips or relate to the audience through personal stories or anecdotes. While this doesn’t diminish her expertise, she lacks captivating communication and a relationship with her viewers.

5. Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is a makeup artist who began his career as a singer-songwriter before creating YouTube beauty videos in November 2013. He’s produced an original line of cosmetics that offers bold colors in eyeshadow, lipstick and more. With over 6 million subscribers and 200 uploads, Star is one of the most acclaimed beauty experts.

Practicality: Star is known for being dramatically glamorous with glitter eyeshadows and vivid lip colors. While these looks could be mimicked when going to a gala or awards show, the average college student would perceive these looks as too exaggerated for walking around downtown Harrisonburg.

Also, Star doesn’t provide “natural look” videos, which can be desired by people who aren’t comfortable with wearing a copious amount of makeup. However, Star reviews popular cosmetic brands to inform his viewers if the products are worth their price, which can be helpful to students who want an honest opinion on makeup before spending money.

While Star’s reviews of products may either persuade or dissuade someone to loosen their purse strings, it’s imperative to point out that he primarily uses expensive makeup in his tutorials. He often uses products from his own makeup line that range in price from $18 to $100 and products from La Mer Cosmetics that average around $80 each. He does include an inexpensive makeup tutorial using cosmetics sold in drugstores, but the vast majority of his uploads recommend costly products.

Efficiency: More than half of Star’s makeup video lengths are longer than 15 minutes. Though he doesn’t speed up his process so one can either follow along with him or see how he applies certain products, these videos aren’t appealing to students in a hurry.

Charisma: Star’s blunt and comical nature deems him charming to his viewers. His upbeat attitude combined with his expertise is enough to keep his audience engaged throughout the entirety of the videos.

Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference; maybe Jeffree Star’s videos could be saved for a rainy Saturday afternoon when one has an abundance of time or Haley Wright’s segments could be used when rushing to make it to an 8 a.m. class. Whomever a viewer chooses to watch, each artist’s goal is to make individuals feel confident and secure in their beauty.

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