After competing in the Spicy 6 this week, Robopine was unmasked to be Tyrese Gibson from the "Fast & Furious" franchise.

After a double elimination during week seven, the pressure increases, as this week’ performances reveal who competes in the quarter-finals.

Before the first contestant comes on stage, the panel and audience welcome this week’s guest host, Chrissy Metz. The judges are thrilled to have this multi-threat star beside them this week.

First up is the Yeti. The clue package this week is something that’s never been done in any of the past seasons — each contestant explains something people don’t know about them while they’re unmasked. They keep their faces covered and still use the voice modulator, but take their masks off. Yeti says he’s a family man and tells the story of when his daughter was born. They show a pacifier, a stuffed panda and someone cutting a rug.

For his performance, Yeti raps for the first time with “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock. While two weeks ago, he brought tears to so many viewers’ eyes, this week gets people dancing. His moves around the stage — including a spin-split finale — confirms he’s some type of professional performer.

Prior to guessing, Nick Cannon announces they’re “going where no show has gone before” and introduces the mind reader. When they get Yeti behind the mind reader, the X-ray reveals that he’s thinking of corn on the cob. Ken Jeong guesses Vin Diesel, and Metz guesses Trey Songz or Miguel. While these are good guesses, there’s a chance that it could be Ne-Yo or Omarion after hearing his vocals.

After Yeti is Robopine. When they take off his mask and he covers his face, he tells the story of someone he was close to dying too soon. He talks about that person being there for him through life’s struggles and how he’d be proud of where Robopine is today. They show a picture of the comedy and tragedy masks, books and balloons. 

His choice of song this week is “Water Runs Dry” by Boyz II Men. The performance is nothing like Yeti’s — it’s a slow and emotional song. His voice fits the song perfectly, as he has a gentle and smooth tone which is needed for a song like this.

When they put Robopine behind the mind reader, a lightbulb appears. Jenny McCarthy guesses either Usher or Forest Whitaker, who were both in “Light It Up.” Nicole Scherzinger guesses Tyrese Gibson, and Metz ends with Tank. Usher actually seems like a decent guess.

The third contestant on stage is Piglet. For his story, he talks about a college memory — he shaved his head with his fraternity brothers and realized he has a large birthmark shaped like an apple. He then met a sorority girl he liked, but got turned down for his shaved head. However, it worked out because he said he met someone better. The small clues include gold bars, numbers on a chair with the number one standing up and a pair of cheap plastic vampire teeth.

This week, he sings “Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)” by Phil Collins. Piglet shows off the strength in his voice as well as the width of his vocal range. He blows everyone away as per usual.

As they begin scanning Piglet’s mind, Cluedle-Doo appears onto the X-ray screen and says he’s been following Piglet “since he caught touchdowns with Dan Marino.” Robin Thicke pulls out a bucket of fried chicken to show everyone what he’s going to do with Cluedle-Doo. 

Jeong starts with Ian Somerhalder or Robert Pattinson. Thicke jumps in on the “Twilight” idea with Taylor Lautner, a known athlete, which could connect to the Marino clue. Scherzinger gets boy band vibes and guesses Brian Littrell or Nick Lachey. McCarthy agrees with the Lachey guess. When listening to the vocals, Lachey definitely comes to mind.

After Piglet and Cluedle-Doo’s sabotage, it’s time for Black Swan. For her unknown story, she talks about when she sang on the street with a hat in front of her. The clues show an umbrella, a picture of a baby with a horse and an atom, a picture of New Hampshire and a soda can that said “Swan Kissed Soda.”

Black Swan picks Stevie Wonder’s “Do I Do” for this week’s performance. While it shows how she emphasizes and projects her voice, the performance also does a good job of showing off her different vocal techniques. 

For her mind reading, the machine picks up an image of Mariah Carey. It’s an awkward moment for Cannon, given his past relationship with Carey. Thicke guesses Kesha, Metz guesses Christina Milian and Jeong guesses Mandy Moore. While these are all good ideas, some of the clues still point to JoJo.

The Russian Dolls are next. For something no one knows about them, they talk about receiving harsh criticism and being outsiders in the beginning of their career. They show a dime and nickel — a total of 15 cents, a belt buckle and a wok.

For this week, two of the dolls appear on stage and sing “Shallow” by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Their vocals and harmonies easily give viewers chills during the performance. While the large doll has a timid, subtle tone, the smaller doll is the one that brings the power for the chorus.

When the smaller Russian Doll goes behind the mind reader, there appears to be a kangaroo inside their head. McCarthy and Thicke both guess HANSON while Jeong guesses Nickelback featuring Avril Lavigne. Though these are both decent guesses, HANSON seems like the most logical because of the clues about medical issues and how they got their career started.

The final contestant is Chameleon. For his unknown aspect of his life, he talks about his experience as a military kid who moved around a lot growing up. They show close-ups of orange slices, a sign that says “Brownies for $ale” and an airplane.

He ends this week’s episode by performing Busta Rhymes’ “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See Them.” It’s a complicated song to rap, but Chameleon nails it. The visuals are interesting as well since Chameleon and his dancers are dressed in neon with the stage lit by black lights.

For his mind reading, Chameleon’s thinking about classic Air Jordans. Jeong guesses Young Thug, and Scherzinger guesses Snoop Dogg. In the review of the clues, Scherzinger might be onto something as he was featured in an airplane movie, the brownies can represent his recent cookbook and his father was in the military.

When Chameleon’s performance is over, the other five contestants come back on stage. The audience votes, and Robopine is the one to leave. After everyone sadly processes the choice of elimination, the judges make their final guesses.

McCarthy guesses Jamie Foxx, while Scherzinger and Metz goes with Gibson. Jeong guesses Westley Snipes, and Thicke goes with Terrence Howard. After their guesses are locked in, the mask comes off to reveal Gibson. Everyone gets excited to see him, but Scherzinger and Metz are the most excited for guessing correctly.

While viewers have to say goodbye to Robopine, the five remaining contestants must prepare to battle it out in next week’s quarter-finals.

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