The Yeti was unmasked and revealed as Omarion on Wednesday's episode of "The Masked Singer."

As “The Masked Singer” gets ready for its season five finale, this week determines the top three that’ll go head-to-head-to-head for the golden mask.

In the introduction, Nick Cannon and the audience say hello to the judges and welcome the guest judge, Darius Rucker.  The panel cheers when they see him. Cannon also says this is the week that Cluedle-Doo reveals his identity.

The first one to appear on stage is Yeti. In the clue package, he explains how he grew up without a father, but his dad came back asking for forgiveness when he was older –– Yeti forgave him. Some tangible clues are a crystal ball, a sign that says “North Pole Post Office,” a three-point constellation and a volleyball.

He starts the show off with a party classic, “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang. Since it’s an outgoing song, Yeti makes it an outgoing performance. There’s a full light show with insane choreography, and it’s easy to tell that he’s comfortable being on stage. Viewers can hear that Yeti’s having a blast even without seeing his face.

Cannon tells the judges they may have been associated with one of the singers at some point in their career. This week’s bonus clue is a “clue drop,” an object attached to a little parachute with a judge’s name and a word hinting at how the two people know each other. 

For the Yeti’s, Nicole Scherzinger receives a surfboard keychain with the words “Santa Monica” on it. He says they met there one time, and Scherzinger guesses Marques Houston or J Boog. Ken Jeong guesses Justin Bieber, and Rucker guesses Sisqó. With the Yeti’s vocals, Omarion seems like a potential candidate.

After Yeti is Black Swan. Her clue package is about her wishing she could tell her younger self not to give up or be afraid because there’s much more to her than she thinks. Some visual clues include a red maple leaf, which makes Robin Thicke think of Canada, a name tag that reads “Hello, my name is number 1” and a small fish tank. 

This week, she performs Dan + Shay’s “Tequila.” Just like in previous songs, she adds her own spin to it with a softer sound. She also does a bit of belting in the end. It’s a unique twist on the track and has a rich sound.

For her bonus clue, Black Swan sends a small tag toward Thicke that says “celebrity VIP.” This represents a time when they ran into each other at an after party. Jeong guesses Kasper Bjørke, Rucker guesses Alanis Morissette and Thicke goes with Carly Rae Jepsen. From her vocals and clue of the fish tank for “Aquamarine,” this could be JoJo.

After Black Swan comes Chameleon. He discusses the difficulties of moving around as a kid, but he was also fine with it. The clue package consists of a brick, a red double-decker bus and a small bridge.

For his semi-final performance, he sings “Oh Boy” by Cam’ron featuring Juelz Santana. He’s on point with the beat and his flow when he raps.  The judges get on their feet the second he begins his song –– at the end, Jeong even says “I wanted more.”

For his drop clue, he gives Rucker a small toy snake and says they performed together and Phoenix –– possibly Caitlyn Jenner or Pheonix, Arizona –– was there as well as some good corn dogs. This makes Rucker think of Larry Fitzgerald Jr., Jenny McCarthy guesses RiFF RAFF and Jeong guesses 2 Chainz. By connecting the clues and listening to his voice, it seems like Wiz Khalifa.

Piglet is the last contestant to go on stage. His clue package talks about him loving the simple life with his family. The camera does close-ups on a tree with instrument ornaments and a purple and blue llama.

He continues to show his vocal range with “Bruises” by Lewis Capaldi. It’s a simple and raw performance, which is perfect for a song like this. The strength in his voice is obvious with the amount of forte notes throughout the chorus.

For his drop clue, Piglet gives McCarthy a poker chip to represent him attending one of her poker charity events. She then guesses Drew Lachey, Jeong goes with Joel Madden and Rucker guesses Tim McGraw. While each guess is good, Piglet’s voice sounds just like Nick Lachey’s.

When Cannon is getting ready to invite the contestants back on stage, Cluedle-Doo appears and says he’s ready to reveal himself, but has a song he wants to sing. He comes on stage and performs “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison. When watching him on stage and hearing his voice, it’s easy to see that he’s sung in front of an audience before.

Although he’s not a contestant, he still has a drop clue for Jeong. When it lands on the table, it’s a small toy giraffe. Cluedle-Doo tells him this isn’t the first time they worked together, and they previously worked together with animals. Jeong guesses Kevin James, which Rucker agrees with, Thicke and Scherzinger go with Jamie Foxx and McCarthy independently guesses Akon. Cluedle-Doo is then unmasked to reveal McCarthy’s husband, Donnie Wahlberg. The whole panel freaks out, and McCarthy falls over out of disbelief. She even questions how she didn’t recognize her husband’s voice.

Once the chaos is over, it’s time for the audience to vote. Cannon then announces the Yeti has to go home. Everyone is in shock of the elimination but ready to see who it is. Jeong guesses Bieber, Scherzinger guesses Mario, McCarthy guesses Ne-Yo, Thicke guesses Omarion and Rucker sticks with Sisqó. The Yeti takes the mask off and reveals himself as Omarion. The panel is thrilled –– especially Thicke –– since that was his guess.

Now that there’s only three singers left ––  Black Swan, Chameleon and Piglet –– next week marks the season five finale, and viewers will finally get a chance to see the contestants and who’ll become this season’s winner.

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