Lily Rabe plays the role of a widow hired as a cook for Camp Golden Star, what the audience knows as Camp Redwood under a different name.

Season 9 of “American Horror Story” has been incoherent from the beginning, whether it be bringing in characters from past seasons, throwing in plot twists or curating paranormal activities in the show.

“The Lady in White” returns, another AHS regular to the show. Lily Rabe, who in past seasons has played Sister Mary Eunice in “Asylum” and Misty Day in “Coven,” plays the role of of Lavinia, a widow hired as a cook for Camp Golden Star or what the audience knows as Camp Redwood under a different name. She works at the camp in exchange for living for free with her two weird sons, Benjamin and Bobby.

After a boating incident takes Bobby’s life, Lavinia blames Benjamin for his death and turns into a monster herself because of her grief. The show beautifully captures how shunning a kid at a young age can have psychological effects. This incident becomes one of the many reasons why Benjamin turned into Mr. Jingles.

Meanwhile, Brooke, who the audience discovered was still alive last week, can’t help but doubt Donna. Brooke fears that Donna’s intentions could mean she’s one of the psychologist’s new experiments. Donna explains that she wants to make good out of whatever’s left of her miserable life and gains Brooke’s trust.

When Brooke finds out that Margaret is organizing a music festival at Camp Redwood, she decides she wants to get revenge by making Margaret suffer and pay for framing Brooke for all her murders. Donna takes Brooke out to relax, where they meet a stranger who eavesdropps on them. He asks for a ride to his girlfriend’s house that happens to be on the way to Camp Redwood.

Many children growing up — those in the ’70s and ’80s included — have probably heard more than once to never trust a stranger. Episode 7 seems to want to make sure today’s youngsters learn the same lesson.

Another old face from “American Horror Story” comes back to play the stranger. Dylan McDermott, who viewers may remember from “Murder House” and “Asylum,” delivers an amazing performance that might give viewers the creeps, possibly making then never want to pick up a hitchhiker. He shoots a cop and tortures Donna and Brooke but soon ends up tied to a pole with no fingers to count or hitchhike with ever again.

Once Mr. Jingles returns to Camp Redwood, he finds out that the ghosts who reside there are terrorized by his mother. The audience finds out through flashbacks that she remained stuck there after dying on the property. Xavier takes Mr. Jingles to his mother’s old cabin, and she confronts him with rage and hatred, breaking it to him that she was the one who made Margaret kill all the original camp counselors.

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The episode ends on a lighter note after all the chaos and trauma. Benji’s mother hands him a knife and advises him to kill himself so that he can stay here and protect his own son. However, since a deal with the devil can’t be broken, the Night Stalker — who the audience knows previously escaped from prison — may kill Benji, making sure he doesn’t come back from the dead. 

Episode 7 is one of the best episodes this season, and “American Horror Story” excels in connecting bits and pieces from past decades to make its audience feel nostalgic.

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