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Margaret Booth was the only survivor of Mr. Jingles ʼs massacre.

Fans of “American Horror Story: 1984” are just one episode away from finding out who’s in the endgame of the Camp Redwood horror. Episode 8, “Rest in Pieces,” brings the two most well-known serial killers of the show face to face once again.

In one of the opening scenes, Brooke and Donna are enjoying their lunch when a desperate reporter approaches them asking questions about the music festival at Camp Redwood. Both Donna and Brooke seem skeptical. The reporter recognizes Brooke as the notorious killer that’d been locked up for the past five years, even though Brooke plays it off like she “always gets that” from people who claim they know her. Brooke and Donna leave the restaurant so they don’t give away their intentions before heading to the camp to kill Margaret. 

Stefanie Black brilliantly portrays the character of a desperate reporter who’d do anything to get Brooke’s perspective of a ruthless serial killer in her article so the giant story can bring her into the limelight.

As the hitchhiker — who was left for dead, tied to a pole with no thumbs at the end of last week’s episode — speeds toward Camp Redwood in a pink car, viewers realize that someone must’ve paid the price. The hitchhiker had stolen Mary Kay’s car, a lady who tried offering to take him to the hospital, but he ties her up in the trunk and later stabs her to death.  

At the camp, Margaret doesn’t seem to be moved by the butchering of the whole opening act of the music festival — she just sips on her coffee instead. She tells Courtney, her assistant, to put on gloves and pack all the bodies into plastic bags to dump them. As Courtney puts the last of the dead in the back of a van, the audience may be monetarily shocked when Courtney finds them all alive, playing behind the stage until they remember that no one really dies on the grounds; they come back as ghosts. 

Now that Mr. Jingles and the Night Stalker are back in the same woods, they come face to face. The Night Stalker soon finds out that Jingles is immortal now, but in the meantime, he meets the hitchhiker, who turns out to be his biggest fan.

In one scene, all the ghosts of the people Jingles tortured or killed tie him to a tree branch. While trying to reconcile with the group, he makes Montana realize that she’s the one who turned the Night Stalker into the monster he is today.

After being emotionally traumatized by these ghosts, Mr. Jingles finds his peace when he finally meets his brother Bobby and mother in an unknown timeline and, possibly, a parallel universe. This scene conveys a strong message that sometimes giving one’s best is all they can do and that they must accept what follows. 

Throughout “1984,” watchers have viewed Mr. Jingles as the real antagonist of the show. Creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk beautifully portray him in a way that seems to make viewers regret judging him by his cover. Mr. Jingles began as a psychotic serial killer, but as time went on, viewers find that Jingles himself had been used as a scapegoat, suffering at a young age from the loss of his family. 

Brooke takes the reporter to Camp Redwood and tells Donna that she wants to kill the reporter. Donna, on the other hand, prevents the reporter’s murder and convinces Brooke that there’s not just one final girl, but two, creating a bonding moment for the once enemies. They both plan to make Margaret pay for her wicked cruelty.

Meanwhile, Margaret reveals her plan to gather all the killers at the Camp Redwood and turn the music festival into the biggest massacre of the ’80s,making a good fortune doing it. The reporter finally discovers the truth about Margaret but soon meets her end at the hitchhiker’s hands.

The finale of “AHS: 1984” will hopefully solve the mystery of whether Margaret will prevail or Brooke and Donna will take her down. Waiting until the last episode may make viewers anxious, but they’ll finally find out if the ’80s will end with the biggest massacre of the decade or if the real killers will be put to justice.

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