Brown was a contestant on the previous season of "The Bachelor."

ABC’s popular, long-running reality series, “The Bachelorette,” kicked off its 15th season with plenty of drama and excitement. The lead is Hannah Brown, a 24-year-old from Alabama who was a contestant in Colton Underwood’s season of “The Bachelor,” which aired earlier this year.

The announcement of Hannah as the new lead came with some initial backlash from fans, mainly due to her nervous and uneasy performance on the live “After the Final Rose” segment when host Chris Harrison crowned her the new Bachelorette. She seemed to have no trouble during the first night of her journey and started her season off strong.

Before Hannah began meeting her suitors, viewers were treated to a few inside looks into some of the men who are going to be on the season. The men who received introduction packages were Tyler C., Peter, Mike, Joe, Matt, Connor J. and Luke P. In past seasons of both “The Bachelorette” and “The Bachelor,” the winner of the season was often highlighted with an opening video, so it’s only natural to assume some of these men could play important roles as the season continues.

Hannah and the audience were also witnesses to several wacky limo entrances from the contestants. As with every season, viewers can expect outlandish and corny introductions from several contestants as they try to make memorable impressions. Some of the biggest entrances this season included a fence jump from Connor S. as a callback to the previous “Bachelor” season, John Paul Jones encouraging Hannah to call him by his whole name, Joe the “Box King” jumping out of a cargo box and Peter giving Hannah his wings while wearing his pilot uniform.

The biggest drama of the episode came when Hannah was notified that one of the men had a girlfriend back home. Two women who competed with her during Colton’s season of “The Bachelor,” Demi Burnett and Katie Morton, were sent information on this contestant and his supposed girlfriend through social media before filming began. Demi and Katie were in a van by the mansion during the first night and watched video surveillance of Hannah’s interactions with her suitors to scope out the contestant. Once they found him, they told Hannah about the situation, and she sent him home after rightfully berating his actions.

Hannah’s first impression rose was given to Luke P. after he went and comforted her after sending the contestant with a girlfriend home. For the past five consecutive “Bachelorette” seasons, the man who received the first impression rose ended up winning the season. This gives recipient Luke P. pretty good odds going forward, but this could be the season to break the streak after the season promo highlighted Luke as a polarizing character among the contestants. Other men refer to him as a “psychopath” and “pathological liar,” while the preview also shows Hannah questioning why every guy seems to dislike him. Sure to be a big figure in upcoming episodes, Luke P. will likely inspire hope among Bachelor Nation that he’ll break the first impression rose winning streak as the edit villanizes him.

The season highlights showed a lot of content for the upcoming episodes, including the typical ambulance shot implying a physical fight that inevitably leads to nothing in the actual episode and plenty of drama between the men. Also shown is Hannah pushing a camera out of her face in anger after what appears to be a shameful comment from one of the men regarding her sexual choices. From the looks of  the promotion, it seems to be ramping up into an intense, dramatic season filled with shock and tears. Perhaps the biggest shock of tonight’s episode, though, was that Hannah, a proud graduate of the University of Alabama, rarely uttered the phrase “roll tide” during the whole two-hour premiere.

Though it followed the same format as all the other “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” premieres, Hannah’s season looks promising, and it could even be echoing the famous words of Chris Harrison, “the most dramatic season yet.”

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