Franchise films, remakes and original films are in store for moviegoers this summer.

Summer break usually includes a lot of free time. On days when one wants to do something, when it’s scorching hot, sitting in a cool movie theater sounds like a good option. Here are some anticipated films for this summer.

“Fast X” (May 19)

Coming in as movie No. 12 for the “Fast & Furious” franchise and No. 10 in the main saga, Dom Torreto (Vin Diesel) returns for a new opponent. This time, they face a man who is looking for revenge. This is part one of a two-part story. It’s also the second to last film in the “Fast & Furious” series. Fans are going to enjoy this international adventure.

“Stray” (June 9)

This film is perfect for people who love dogs, comedy and some raunchy R-rated content. Reggie (Will Ferrell) is a small dog who loves his hateful owner. When the owner lets Reggie run around and drives off, he realizes their relationship wasn’t what he thought. Reggie then teams up with other stray dogs to get revenge on his owner. This movie is almost like “Ted” where every joke is hilarious and crude at the same time. Just by the look of it, the film seems like one that will make mature audiences laugh.

“The Flash” (June 16)

While they did give the character a CW series for a brief moment, DC is bringing The Flash to the big screen for his own film. Barry decides to go back in time to solve a major family conflict. However, he doesn’t realize going back in time means rewriting all of history and changing the present. He then is stuck in a different universe and has to figure out how to get back to his universe. This sounds like an interesting film that includes a rollercoaster of excitement, however, it also sounds like DC is trying to do its own spin on the multiverse concept similar to Marvel. It’ll be interesting to see what DC does with the idea and compare it to Marvel’s take on it.

“No Hard Feelings” (June 23)

When a full-time Uber driver gets her car taken, she has to figure out a way to make money. She’s then asked by two parents to “date” their son so he can get some experience being social and getting out of his shell. In return, they allow her to use their car. This movie is highly anticipated from a comedic aspect. It’s almost like romantic-comedy satire. Jennifer Lawrence plays the Uber driver and is very carefree. It looks like a silly picture that would be good for a movie night with friends.

"Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" (June 30)

Directed by James Mangold, George Lucas is sending one of the most iconic archeologists/explorers on another adventure. In order to save the course of history, Jones has to find an ancient dial that’s being held by a former Nazi who became a NASA employee. According to Wionews, 20th Century Fox confirmed this will be the last film in the “Indiana Jones” franchise. Hopefully Indie will go out with a good ending.

“Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1” (July 14)

The famous spy saga and Tom Cruise returns for its seventh film this summer. Not much of the film’s storyline has been revealed, but it seems like another action-packed adventure for Ethan Hunt (Cruise). There are a lot of explosions and car chases in the film, so “Mission: Impossible” fans will get the classic stunts and surprises they always enjoy.

"Barbie" (July 21)

The early 2000s consisted of many Barbie animated movies, but that’s not the case in this feature. Margot Robbie plays the famous doll living in Barbie Land. When she is told to leave, Barbie hops into her pink car and goes to the real world to figure out who she really is. Those who grew up loving this brand will want to check it out. The film may seem like a casual movie, but the media has predicted the film will be better than people are assuming. It’s rated PG-13, so perhaps Warner Brothers wanted this film to be nostalgic-based and for a late 90s-early 2000s demographic.

“The Meg 2: The Trench” (Aug. 4)

After the 2018 underestimated hit, “Meg 2” is coming to theaters in hopes of another success. There’s not much detail released about the film, but the trailer shows a group of people exploring the ocean trying to take down a dangerous shark. This is an adaptation of the second book in “The Meg” series. The first was a shocking hit, so perhaps Warner Brothers will get another blockbuster out of the sequel.

Many production companies take the summer to release as many movies as possible. This summer will consist of a lot of saga-continuing films, sequels and a few remakes. However, there are some new stories as well, so the theaters will have some new material for people to watch.

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