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Getting outside and exercising is a great way to clear one’s mind after being indoors for long periods of time. 

With the coronavirus still an issue in the U.S., some people’s summer plans may have been forced to comply with stay-at-home orders. This may be a bummer for those who were excited about their summer plans, including students who had arranged to study abroad. While the pandemic craziness may have canceled vacation plans, it doesn’t mean one can’t create their own vacation in the comfort of their own home. 

At-home spa

Light some scented candles, put on soothing music and relax in a do-it-yourself spa. Some essentials for an at-home spa may include face masks, bubble baths, facials and hair treatments. With all the stress of this pandemic, most poeple could use a good pampering. A rainy day is a perfect day to grab the necessities and relax with a DIY spa.

Take a hike

As the weather continues to get warmer, spending time outside may be enjoyable. Getting outside and exercising is a great way to clear one’s mind after being indoors. Do a quick online search and find nearby trails to hike on a nice day. Websites for trails rank them based on difficulty, and some even share photos and reviews from other hikers. Pack some snacks and enjoy the outdoors. 

Cooking night

Organize a special night for the family and designate it a cooking night. If one had plans to visit a certain country this summer, pick a recipe specific to that country, assign everyone roles and have fun making a meal that the whole family will enjoy in honor of the country. Once a recipe has been chosen, one can find options on thousands of websites with detailed instructions guiding one through the recipe. Some even have videos showing how to properly work their way through the meal. Popular cooking websites include Tasty, the Food Network and Allrecipes, so be sure to check these channels out on the next cooking night.

Try a new exercise class

With all this free time, quarantine’s the perfect opportunity to get fit. There are thousands of videos on YouTube from fitness trainers that show how to workout from home. From yoga to cardio, these channels have it all. Also, on March 16, the Peloton app announced it’s offering a free 90-day subscription trial. The Peloton app doesn’t require one to own a Peloton-brand treadmill or bike, as videos on the app include yoga, HIIT, cardio, strength-training and stretching taught by certified trainers.

Game night

Pull out the board games, find a deck of cards, round up the family and make the night into a game tournament. Create a bracket and name a champion at the end of the evening. Some classic board games that’ll please everyone include Monopoly, Clue, Candyland and more. As for card games, one can search the internet and find a game that no one in the family has played before and can all learn to play together. 

With some stay-at-home orders still persisting, seeing friends is only available through virtual platforms. There are many online games that one can play with friends while on a virtual call, such as JackBox games, which provide a variety of games to play with friends while still quarantined.

Movie marathon

Load up on popcorn and candy, put on pajamas and enjoy a movie marathon from the comfort of one’s own home. Browse through Netflix, rent some movies from On Demand or even watch some old DVDs. Some classic movie franchises include “Harry Potter”, “Jurassic Park”, “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” . With some states that continue to have stay-at-home orders in place, this is the perfect activity to make the best of all the time spent in quarantine.

Arts and crafts day

Quarantine is the perfect time to get crafty. Take a safe trip to the local craft store or order online and stock up on materials for all sorts of arts and crafts. Go around the store or browse online and choose as many things as needed for future projects; these could include paint, watercolors or construction paper. One can also find material around the house to use like cardboard, paper towel rolls and anything else one is inspired by.

As some states begin the process of reopening, one remains safer to stay at home while the pandemic persists. Use these staycation ideas to make the most out of the time still spent at home.

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