The show captures the importance of friendship in time of hardship.

Gina Rodriguez, best known for her lead role in “Jane the Virgin,” is the star of Netflix’s new romantic comedy, “Someone Great,” that’s all about getting over a breakup and a girl surrounding herself with her closest girlfriends.

The movie is Jennifer Kaytin Robinson’s directorial debut. She developed the movie from a screenplay she wrote. Her story focuses on loss, moving on and the importance of maintaining strong female friendships during heartbreak.

Rodriguez, who’s also a producer on the film, plays Jenny a young music journalist who lives in New York City and gets offered at position at  her dream job with “Rolling Stone” in San Francisco. After quickly realizing she’ll have to move across the country and leave Nate, her boyfriend of nine years, he unexpectedly breaks up with her instead of giving long distance dating a try.

A heartbroken and newly single Jenny turns to her best friends, Blair (Brittany Snow) and Erin (DeWanda Wise), who help distract her. They take her out for one last night out in the city before her big move to San Francisco.

The movie follows the three best friends and their many self-realizations that all happen in a single day. While Jenny has flashbacks from her failed relationship with Nate, Erin has problems of her own and is afraid to admit her feelings for a girl she’s falling for. Blair feels lifeless and bored in her long-term relationship with her boyfriend and needs an escape.


Jenny knows exactly how she wants to spend her last night in the city with her closest friends. The girls come together and do whatever they can to score tickets to Neon Classic, a prestigious concert series that has a pop-up show at Sony Hall in New York City.

Although the girls spend a lot of time at the concert, “Someone Great” focuses on the grieving period after Jenny’s breakup. Viewers see countless clips of Nate appearing in her memories and flashbacks. They show both good and bad times as a couple, including the first time they met and the first time they said they loved each other. Jenny ends up running into Nate at Neon Classic but can’t bring herself to talk to him and leaves the concert without her friends.

The flow of memories that keep coming back to Jenny make her wonder if her relationship with Nate should’ve ended at all. Blair and Erin make her snap out of it and focus on the fun night before she says farewell to their life together in New York City.

While Jenny reflects on all the years she spent with Nate, her friends make important decisions of their own. Blair ends her boring relationship with her boyfriend and moves on to someone more young and fun. Erin finally confesses her feelings for her love interest, Leah, and the two agree to take things slow in a new relationship. The girls seem to be getting their lives back on track leaving viewers more optimistic.

After a long night of partying, Blair and Erin find a drunk Jenny passed out on the side of the fountain at Washington Square Park. Jenny lays on the exact spot where Nate had written their initials inside a heart nine years ago. She turns to her friends and tells them she’s decided to move on. Jenny promises her friends that their friendship will remain strong even after she leaves for San Francisco. This heartfelt moment ends the movie in positive way and viewers are left hopeful for Jenny’s future.

“Someone Great” is a feel-good girls night out movie that highlights the importance of turning to one’s closest girlfriends during life after heartbreak and how moving on is possible. The girls come together to help their heartbroken best friend heal before she makes significant life changes. The dynamic energy among the three best friends is what keeps viewers glued to their screens.

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