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Cyber Monday shopping can be stressful, but knowing what one wants to purchase makes the day much easier.

For those who like to splurge on deals without the rush of Black Friday, Cyber Monday makes for the perfect opportunity. Get a head start on holiday shopping from the comfort of one’s own home while saving money.

Check is a website that features various discounts that’ll be beneficial for any Cyber Monday shoppers. The website is split into sections featuring the site’s current top stores, the website’s favorite deals and current rending offers. If customers are looking for certain deals, they can search in the site’s directory or go into categories —  such as clothing, beauty, electronics and decor—and find the type of item they’re looking for. From there, customers can search by brand. It also provides the option of searching by type of deal, such as promo codes or free shipping.

Stay up late Sunday night or get up at midnight

Depending on how in-demand the product being shopped for is — for example, electronics such as cell phones or tablets —it’s important to begin shopping as soon as possible. In most cases, sales last for 24 hours on Cyber Monday, so people will race to put the goods in their carts as early as time allows. Beginning shopping as soon as possible can decrease the risk of the desired item running out of stock before one can get to it. Getting online as soon as possible also helps beat the rush of other users signing in once the day begins, making one’s orders an earlier priority.

Make a list of specific things to shop for before beginning

Before hopping on the computer, it’s best to plan what to buy ahead of time. Don’t go into Cyber Monday looking for deals going on that day because odds are, people have already discovered the deals and are taking advantage of them before anyone else. This increases the chances of items running out of stock that one may have wanted to purchase. By making a list of items to shop for ahead of time and deciding where to buy them from, consumers won’t have to waste any time when Monday comes around. They’ll know exactly where to go, exactly what to get and exactly what kind of deal to expect.

4. Check trending retailers’ social media accounts to see if they’re offering special deals

If a company is going to advertise its upcoming deals, one of the first places it’ll begin marketing is through its social media accounts. Since certain social media is able to create advertisements based off accounts and other sites users interact with, apps will generate ads geared to a user’s preferences. Even after Cyber Monday, the holiday season continues, and odds are retailers will have holiday sales going on. Whether retailers use aesthetic holiday pictures to promote their new products or create posts that could be deemed creative in a pop culture aspect, social media is a great tool to keep track of different companies’ deals.

5. Don’t rely on unfamiliar websites

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Although social media marketing can be an ideal strategy to connect with consumers globally, some less recognized stores or brands may also use the same strategy. This can become risky and unsafe for users. Companies will begin targeting consumers based off their searches and interests and may provide them with better deals than they’ve seen before. Visiting unfamiliar sites can always come with a security risk, but the extent of purchasing items and revealing bank information to said websites creates a greater risk. There are chances of theft, not getting the promised deal and stolen credit card information. Sticking to sites one visits prior to Cyber Monday may minimize the chances of something bad happening. 

6. Use Pricegrabber to compare prices of items to other stores

Pricegrabber is a resource that allows customers to search for the best price of an item that a store offers. This tool helps shoppers save more money by comparing brands that sell similar objects. This way, those who need to find a specific item are exposed to the same item for less money. The website allows one to search by a given category or by typing in a specific object directly. With this tool, consumers are able to narrow down their selections early so they’re not struggling to find the prices being offered throughout Cyber Monday. 

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