The Vans x A Tribe Called Quest collaboration is another example of one of Vans' unique shoe lines that allow one to express themselves through footwear.

One of the most popular shoe companies for the younger generation is Vans. The shoes come in many styles, colors, patterns and sizes. However, one may not be aware that there are Vans lines featuring different franchises and looks. These are only a few options for customers to choose from.

Where’s Waldo

“Where’s Waldo” has been a well-known book series for years that many people love or love to hate. This is Vans’ most recent collaboration release, and it’s chosen some interesting ways to portray Waldo. It produced the shoe line in its four classic styles, which customers would expect. However, the company created only two designs, classic stripes and a replica search page like the ones in the book. Along with shoes, Vans added some apparel to the collection. This includes shirts, hoodies, hats and toddler shoes.

The Simpsons

For those who love “The Simpsons,” Vans offers a large selection of products featuring the iconic cartoon. One can choose from all of the shoe designs that Vans offers with five different patterns. Three of the five patterns feature either Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson or Lisa Simpson individually. The other two are a variety of characters but designed differently, including candid shots from different episodes and a design covering the whole shoe with all of the characters. They don’t have any apparel like the “Where’s Waldo” collection, but they’re still great shoes for fans of the show.

Recycled Material

Now shoppers can wear a pair of sneakers and be environmentally friendly with Vans’ Recycled Material collection. If one goes to the Vans website, they’d find a section showing off a variety of shoes created with small pieces of plastic water bottles and eco-friendly material to show the company’s support toward sustainability.

Customs by Cher Strauberry

To continue her career, skateboarder and musician Cher Strauberry recently teamed up with Vans and created her own line of sneakers. The shoes come in each Vans style and have a black and pink color scheme. In her promotional video,  Strawberry said she chose pink because it’s her favorite color and added the word “squart” to represent her “zine diddly.”


For people who want a more spring-like mood, Vans offers numerous pairs of shoes with floral patterns. One can choose from any of the styles, and Vans has several creative ways of placing the floral pattern, such as covering the shoe’s tongue or placing the flower print in certain spots like in between the logo.

The first five shoe collections are official Vans products. While they’re not real Vans, Hot Topic offers spinoffs of the company. It has the same styles, but the Hot Topic selections focus more on fandoms.


For those who’ve walked through a Hot Topic store, one may notice a section that’s mostly Disney themed. Within the Disney products, one can find Disney-themed sneakers that look like Vans. The design type varies with each style. For a fully laced-up shoe, the design is usually a pattern that reminds one of a Disney film, like a dalmatian pattern to represent “101 Dalmations.” The half-laced shoes show one popular Disney duo, but each character is on a different shoe. An example would be Woody on one’s left shoe and Buzz Lightyear on one's right shoe.

General pop culture

Hot Topic also offers Vans spinoffs with pop culture and franchises like “Star Wars” or “Harry Potter.” While they don’t offer as many choices as Disney, they’re still a fun way to represent a fandom one is a part of.

Vans is a popular shoe brand that all kinds of people love to wear. Most of the time they come in a solid color or checkered. However, it’s a good idea to expand one’s horizon and find a pair to match a franchise one loves.

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