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From JMU's master calendar to X-lab events, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with student life online.

Becoming involved on campus can serve as a catalyst for making a small town like Harrisonburg feel like home for students, faculty and staff. Since the pandemic has shattered the norms of student life, some may find themselves grappling for any opportunities available to feel immersed in a university composed of around 22,000 people  a place so large that some often find themselves feeling like a needle in a haystack.

However, there are still numerous ways to stay involved on campus virtually, and the month of October is packed full of things that don’t require any prior experience, except a way to access the internet.

Check out UREC’s virtual resources

The University Recreation Center has provided an abundance of online video workouts on itsYouTube channel, which is available to all students, at any time, at no cost. Visit its website while in a dorm room and knock out a quick yoga flow, or go outside and try out one of its HIIT or core classes. UREC also provided virtual resources to access mindfulness, wellness, adventure, sports, and games and inclusive recreation education videos.


Check out JMU's virtual master calendar 



JMU has conveniently created a website consisting of a weekly schedule of in-person and virtual events for students, faculty and staff. Here are a few virtual events coming up in the next weeks:


Check out JMU X-labs’ spooky October events

On Fridays throughout October at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., connect with X-Labs for Family and Friends Game Night to solve mysteries, uncover werewolves, compete in trivia and more. Sign up and see more details about activities 


Miscellaneous Events

Students and faculty get sent an abundance of emails and notifications daily, and among these emails are invitations to virtual guest speakers, workshops, events and meetings. Below is a list of some happening in October in case they’ve gotten buried in one’s inbox. 

  • Wednesday, Oct. 21 from 7:30-8:30 p.m.: Morrison Bruce Center’s EmpowHER is hosting Dumbbells After Dark, a free fitness class designed for ladies of all fitness levels


Global Climate Change Week

From Monday, Oct. 12 to Wednesday, Oct. 21, JMU will be holding a series of events focused around the topic of Global Climate Change.

  • Thursday, Oct. 15 at 4 p.m.: There’ll be an informal program organized by JMU Honors College that will feature an Honors alumnus, Dr. Craig Ramseyer ('09), assistant professor of geography at Virginia Tech with professional experience doing research relating to climate change. He’ll be discussing factfullness climate change. 

  • Sunday, Oct. 18 at 7:30 p.m.: There’ll be a virtual free screening of “1.5 Stay Alive: Climate Change and Caribbean Music” (2015) followed by a discussion with students from JUST 357: Environmental Justice.

  • Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 7:30 p.m.: There’ll be a virtual public screening of the award-winning documentary, “The Condor and The Eagle”, followed by an interactive discussion with Casey Camp-Horinek, an indigenous leader, protector and activist featured in the film.

James Madison’s Montpelier

  • On Mondays throughout Oct. at 2 p.m.: join a member of Montpelier’s senior staff who’ll take you through the Madisons' House, examining the family and professional life of America's fourth President.

  • Sunday, Oct. 18 at 5 p.m.: Montpelier Presents “Constitution 101,” an Electoral Segment with Guest Speaker Alexander Keyssar who’ll virtually discuss his book, “Why do We Still Have the Electoral College?” 

  • Visit Montpelier’s digital doorway to get a behind the scenes look of Montpelier and to explore the people, projects and process behind the stories

In-person events may have come to a halt, but that doesn’t mean involvement on campus should as well. One should keep themselves updated on other virtual events and shouldn’t let COVID-19 discourage them from taking advantage of the opportunities JMU and the community have to offer.

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