Zoom calls

There are many creative ways to spice up a Zoom call for an exciting and memorable event.

While COVID-19 continues to circulate, students are encouraged to make informed decisions about what to do and who they’re engaging with during social activities. Here’s a list of social distancing activities to do with friends. 

Go hiking 

Shenandoah National Park is within an hour of JMU’s campus, featuring over 500 miles of trails. Spending time outside lessens the chances of contracting COVID-19 because fresh air is constantly moving, according to the Mayo Clinic. Anyone can enjoy the great outdoors, scenic views while maintaining a 6-foot difference from other hikers. 

Have a picnic 

Grab a couple of friends, blankets and food and enjoy each other’s company 6 feet apart from one another. Everyone can set up their own socially distanced spots. This way, each person can enjoy casual time outside while also keeping each other safe. 

Zoom parties

Instead of hosting a regular Zoom or FaceTime call with friends, host a call with a theme to add a fun twist to a regular activity. Groups can have Netflix watch parties through Zoom where everyone picks a movie and begins watching it at the same time. They can also have dinner parties where everyone makes their own dinner and logs on to Zoom to eat together. There are many creative ways to spice up a Zoom call for an exciting and memorable event. 

Write each other letters

In an era where online communication is heavily relied on, writing a letter to a friend is an unexpected way to talk to someone. Receiving a letter isn’t as common as it used to be, making it a more personal and memorable way to communicate with someone. They’ll be able to hold on to it for as long as they want and can reflect on it years down the line.

Go for a walk

This allows for exercise and a convenient way to social distance. Go to locations outside of where one lives and explore different areas of Harrisonburg or JMU’s campus that aren’t as well known. It’ll provide a fun and simple adventure that can easily follow social distancing guidelines.

There are ways for students to safely interact with one another while containing the spread of COVID-19. It’s important for everyone to participate in safe social activities to keep others and oneself from getting sick.

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