Madison "The Bachelor"

In a throwback photo to Peter's introduction to Madison on the first episode of the season, viewers saw a bright and cheerful side of her as opposed to the serious one seen in this week's Fantasy Suites.

After an intense week of hometown visits, fans see a more intimate side of Peter as he and the final three girls head into fantasy suites. Viewers speculate if and when Madison is going to tell Peter about her “expectations,” and if Peter’s going to come to his senses and send Victoria F. home. 

After the rose ceremony where Kelsey was eliminated, Madison approaches Peter to tell him how she feels about him being physically intimate with the other girls on their upcoming nights together. Peter listens, but doesn’t realize the severity of the situation, which turns out to be a huge issue later. The girls arrive in Gold Coast, Australia, to find that they’re all living together for Fantasy Suite  week, which is unheard of in “Bachelor” history. 

For the first date, Peter takes Hannah Ann jetskiing before the dinner and fantasy suite portion. Their date is pretty uneventful until they go back to their room and “[get] to a good place,” as Hannah Ann puts it. The only mildly entertaining part is when Hannah Ann returns to where she’s staying with the other girls after spending a long night with Peter, much to their dismay.

Victoria F. goes on the next date with Peter. He takes her on a helicopter ride and then to a waterfall. Per usual, they have meaningless conversation that’s painful to watch, but they manage to not get into an argument during the first part of their date. Peter expresses to her that he wants a “clean slate” and that he loves everything about their relationship, minus the communication. 

Fans were quick to tear him apart on Twitter, as many agree communication is the most important part of a successful relationship and that it’s time for his toxic one with Victoria F. to come to an end. Despite the irritating nature of their relationship, their petty bickering makes for great content and never fails to amuse viewers. After several unsuccessful attempts at trying to get Victoria F. to open up to him during dinner, Peter gives up and takes her to the fantasy suite. 

For the last date of the week, Peter takes Madison on a terrifying excursion climbing up the side of a building for a look over the coastline. These two have strong chemistry, and it’s clear how much Peter cares for her. Unfortunately for him, Madison stays true to what she believes in and says she doesn’t think she can move forward with him if he were to sleep with the other women. Peter should've been more respectful toward her wishes and made sure to clarify her vague words. However, it doesn’t seem fair for Madison to not explain herself before Fantasy Suite week about why she has these expectations of him, putting blame on him when he clearly didn’t know the extent of her beliefs. Also, Madison knows Peter’s history with Hannah B. on the last season of “The Bachelorette,” and she should’ve been more clear, considering their religious beliefs when it comes to sex are very different. 

At dinner, Madison walks off after finding out that Peter has been intimate with the other girls. He eventually goes after her, begging her to stay. He makes it abundantly clear that he wants her here more than the other girls. Seeing that side of Peter was almost sweet since he hasn’t shown deep passion or care for anything this season. Madison ends up leaving the date and goes back to her room. 

Next week, the highly anticipated rose ceremony will take place, leaving fans to wonder if Madison will show up or not. The after-episode clips also tease Peter’s mom strongly advising him to go after a girl — leaving fans to speculate who she’s referring to.

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