Pentatonix's original fifth member, Avi Kaplan, decided to quit the group after making a video explaining that it schedule was too demanding and he wanted more time to be with his family and the great outdoors.

Pentatonix continues to please their fans with its latest cover of “Shallow” from the 2018 award-winning movie, “A Star is Born.” The group’s version of the song was released Friday and gained over 380,000 views within a day, making the music video trend at No. 19 and climbing on YouTube.

The group first announced the video on social media with the caption, Sneak peek of a NEW MUSIC VIDEO coming your way... #soon. 👀 What song do you think it is!?” Of course, a majority of the group’s fans guessed “Shallow” since it’s such a popular song and the band has been performing it live on its concert tour. Once it was officially announced to its followers it was “Shallow,” the comments filled with excitement from fans.

The song was originally performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in the movie, “A Star is Born.” Although there were many good tracks throughout “A Star is Born,” “Shallow” is the biggest hit. It won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Original Song. Cooper plays guitar during it, which gives it a country feel. Gaga shows off her incredible vocal skills during her parts of this duet and she projects her voice well –– a common theme in her own music. The movie version of the song has a dramatic sound which matches perfectly with the drama that’s portrayed in the film itself.

Pentatonix changes that sound a little, but not enough to rewrite this hit song. There’s very little percussion, which gives it a different feeling than what Cooper and Gaga gave for the movie. While a capella is usually just vocals and no instruments, Pentatonix’s beatboxer –– Kevin Olusola –– plays his cello, which he’s done for some of the group’s previous covers, and it works well with this song. The vocal background takes away some of the country feel for “Shallow,” giving it a more modern sound. Scott Hoying takes over Cooper’s half of the duet while Kristin Maldonado sings Gaga’s part. Matt Sallee, Mitch Grassi and Olusola all used their voices as the background sound portion. Just like the movie version, Pentatonix’s pours the same amount of feeling into its cover as is heard in the motion picture, but it still made small changes to make it more vocal than instrumental. The group added harmonies that Cooper and Gaga didn’t have, which made it more original.

The video also connects to the song perfectly. The group sings while sitting in a semi-circle, which makes the setting feel calmer, since “Shallow” isn’t an uptempo song. The production team was on point with how dramatic the video’s visuals needed to be. There isn’t much going on throughout Pentatonix’s version, while Gaga based the original video on the scene when she performs “Shallow” and added many clips from “A Star is Born.” The video editors also edited the footage to have a black, white and gold color scheme, which was the same color combination as the movie poster. It was a great, quiet nod to the film.

Pentatonix created an incredible rendition of this award-winning song while sticking to the dramatic mood people loved in the original. Like all covers, it needed to make the song its own. The group added harmonies that Cooper and Gaga didn’t have, which made it more original. The a capella singers hit every emotion with this song.

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