November Trends

Beanies are in, and designers use many different colors, fabrics and patterns when creating a beanie, so it’s easy to find one that speaks to a person and explains their style.

As November begins, it’s almost time to say goodbye to warmer weather and hello to the cold of winter. While most people may be concerned about what clothes to wear to stay warm, adding a little extra style is always a bonus. The weather gets warmer throughout the day, but it’s still the right temperature for sweater weather. Here’s a list of this year’s winter trends.


Fuzzy attire is one of the coziest things to wear on a cold day because its material is both soft and warm. Fuzz is stylish and comes in a variety of colors. Fuzz is normally used in things like scarves, sweaters and the interior of coats. If someone is interested in something with this texture, many department stores such as Belk and Nordstrom – along with clothing stores like Forever 21 or H&M — have many selections to choose from. 

Capes and Ponchos

Capes are a popular topic in the fashion industry, and this trend was noticed at several fashion shows this season during NYC fashion week. Wearing a cape is almost like draping a blanket over oneself, and they come in multiple styles, such as a double-breasted front, a simple wrap around or a small tie in the front. Another similar article of clothing is a poncho. When people say “poncho,” many may think of the type that’s worn on a rainy day. However, ponchos are also manufactured in the fashion industry and are made out of regular clothing materials like wool and cotton.


Although people wear these as an accessory for almost every season, beanies are a great way to keep one’s head warm in the winter. Designers use many different colors, fabrics and patterns when creating a beanie, so it’s easy to find one that speaks to a person and explains their style. Along with patterns, companies sell beanies featuring a specific logo or something that references a certain movie, show, book or franchise. For example, people who love “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” can purchase a beanie with an assortment of Harry Potter references at Hot Topic.

Oversized Sweaters/Sweatshirts

This is a classic and simple look that’s an annual trend during the colder months. A normal fitted sweater would go well with jeans and leggings, however, one has another option: to wear big sweaters and sweatshirts. Depending on the length of the top, it’s an easy way to create a warm and comfortable dress. It can also look great paired with leggings or yoga pants. In general, sweaters are a common choice of clothing during the fall to winter season, and it’s a classic look that works well every time. 

Light Colors

While winter is usually a season when darker tones are more appropriate, this year, lighter and brighter colors are beginning to appear in stores and on the runways. There are many popular colors this season, but the five that designers are using most are purple, green, orange, pink and cream. Most people think of spring with this color palette however, these are fresh ways to make a bold statement as winter approaches.

Knitted Look

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Winter clothing is all about staying warm, and there’s nothing warmer than something knitted. Just like the oversized sweater and sweatshirt, this is a look that’ll never go out of style. Designers can use knit material in various forms. Whether it’s for hats, gloves, wristlets or scarves, it works for almost any type of accessory. 


A good pair of jeans is a classic article of clothing that goes with just about anything. This winter, the fashion world is expanding the popularity of denim to other clothing categories as well. The trendiest way to wear denim currently in an oversized fit, including pants, jackets and shirts. One can personalize denim products as well. It’s common to decorate denim clothes using pins, patches and fabric markers, and to create whatever look one would like. There’s no limit to how creative one can be.

These are some of the main fashion trends for warmer styles of clothing that should be expected this season. If one’s interested in following these looks, it’s easy to do so without spending a fortune, and they can stay warm while looking good in the process.

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