With "Cool," Nick steps into the spotlight, despite the usual dynamic of Joe being the lead.

Since their revival last month, the Jonas Brothers have proved they’re back with vengeance.

Following their reunion single, “Sucker,” which topped the charts for weeks and awarded the band its first No. 1 rating on Billboard’s Hot 100, many were curious to see if the Jonas Brothers would continue at this level. In their new single, “Cool,” the brothers have lowered the intensity for a more relaxed, mature vibe perfect for the summer. And though this new sound is unlike their earlier hits, it became No. 1 on iTunes the same day it was released.

Previously known for their high-energy, bubblegum-pop sound, it’s refreshing to witness a different, calmer side of the Jonas Brothers. With “Sucker” they effectively proved to the world that they’ve grown up and that their music has too. Now, the brothers are reassuring their former pre-teen fanbase that they can still hold onto their roots by hiding multiple Easter eggs in the lyrics of their newest single, including references to their previous smash hits.

In the first verse, Nick croons about a girl “Standin’ there with the red dress on ya,” mimicking his reference to a red dress in the band’s wildly successful 2008 hit, “Burnin’ Up.” The next verse includes the line, “And now that we’ve made it, how complicated was last year?” — a possible nod to Nick’s third solo album, titled “Last Year Was Complicated.” Joe even alludes to his fiance Sophie Turner by mentioning her HBO show in the line, “Sittin’ there, winning like it’s Game of Thrones.”

The music video continues to play into the band’s new mature image, taking place in a mid-80s Miami as the brothers perform for an older crowd of fans. Proving the purity rings are long gone, the brothers showcase their lavish lifestyle with women and alcoholic drinks at a large beach party. The setting ties perfectly into the song’s message by exemplifying a relaxed summer vibe with nods to the ’80s like colorful aerobics gear and large boomboxes.

With the band’s new image comes a new showrunner. After the release of “Sucker,” many fans assumed that because of his successful solo career during the band’s hiatus, Nick would be taking Joe’s place at center stage. Solidifying this assumption, Nick has emerged as the primary vocalist in “Cool” and is undoubtedly the star of its music video. However, Joe and Nick still share the spotlight while Kevin remains on the backburner. It’d be refreshing to see Kevin assert himself in the band’s upcoming work.

Like any other modern pop song, the depth of the lyrics could use some fine-tuning, but there’s no doubt the Jonas Brothers have a talent for creating catchy, memorable tunes. Even with their six-year hiatus, they still have the reputation and power to remain relevant and adapt to the changing music scene with ease. It’s likely the Jonas Brothers will continue to produce annoyingly melodious hits until the trio outgrows life on tour.

Until then, we’ll all continue waiting for Kevin’s big solo.

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