fall trends

This fall, students are throwing on their flannels and ordering tons of pumpkin spice lattes.

The temperatures have finally dropped — fall 2018 is here. JMU is officially in the season of sweater weather, horror movies and Christmas music. The JMU and Harrisonburg community is fortunate to experience all four seasons, and with each comes different trends around campus. These are JMU’s trends for fall 2018.


As the temperature drops, JMU students like to start staying warm and cozy. JMU loves layering, especially with these items.

Many were quick to say sweaters and sweatshirts are a go-to for the fall season. As sophomore health sciences major Emma Pastorfield put it, “I have a whole bin of sweaters. They won’t fit in my closet.”

Just like the layering with sweaters, JMU students throw flannels over their daily outfits. Flannels are a nice balance between a t-shirt and a full sweatshirt — perfect for those fall nights that would best be described as chilly rather than cold.

“I definitely love wearing a lot of flannel,” freshman Jake Browning said proudly.

JMU’s layering trend continues with cardigans, especially “those oversized big ones,” according to sophomore biology major Sam Martin. Cardigans play that happy medium for those late fall nights out with friends, maybe at a pumpkin patch or corn maze.

Students around JMU were quick to confirm jeans as a fall essential — nothing is more representative of fall than denim.

Along with jeans, boots were unanimously mentioned as fall wardrobe necessities. Boots, especially when paired with woolen socks, are, according to JMU students, a godsend during the colder months.


When JMU is ranked fifth best college food in the nation, it goes without saying that food is an active part of JMU’s student body. As fall approaches, the menu changes.

As Martin put it, “I make the switch over to hot tea.” Fall and winter are the seasons of pumpkin spice lattes and white mochas and JMU is no exception. Any particular morning will find a minimum of 20 people lined up for Starbucks in Carrier, everybody queued up for their hot beverage of choice.

Sophomore marketing major Samantha Schoeps was quick to mention soup as a must-have for the colder months. Whatever the recipe, soup is always a solid choice for those chilly nights.


Early as it may seem, many students can be found starting their Christmas-themed playlists in October. Although there are some who would vehemently disagree with this practice, a multitude of students at JMU find it fitting to get into the spirit of the season as early as they can.

Whether it be Billy Joel or the new Panic! at the Disco album, JMU students like some good piano features. “Billy Joel, Elton John, the classics” are all strong choices according to Schoeps. Possibly because of the heavy prevalence of piano in holiday music, piano-based tracks are a popularity among JMU students.

Hip-hop is always a steady favorite among JMU’s student body, and fall is no different. Especially with Kanye West’s recent announcement of his upcoming album, “Yandhi,” hip-hop is a student favorite. As senior graphic design major Katlin Ishim put it, “Kanye, lots of Kanye.”

With a population of more than 20,000 students, JMU has its trends for the fall season. From Bean Boots to Billy Joel, fall 2018 at JMU will be one for the books.

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