Any Kevin Hart fan will enjoy this Netflix special, and huge fans are in for a show.

After breaking a world record by selling out at a football stadium during his 2016 tour, international comedian Kevin Hart released “Irresponsible” on Netflix April 2. This was his sixth stand-up special, but his first on Netflix. The show took place at his sold-out performance in London’s O2 Arena. It was produced by Hartbeat Productions, which is owned by Hart himself, and it features the typical, raunchy humor he’s known for.

This special showcased Kevin Hart being Kevin Hart. It incorporates more references to his family life than in his 2016 stand-up show “What Now?” Since his children are older, he has seen them go through more life experiences, which he uses as material. A big theme of the show is life moments where he’d failed as a parent – this is why the show is called “Irresponsible.”

One example of a parenting mistake is when he discusses his family ski trip. The family accidentally went on the most advanced slope even though his kids weren’t advanced skiers. On their way down, his son made a wrong turn. Instead of freaking out and going after him, Hart just kept following their instructor.

Hart then talks about his youngest child, Kenzo Kash, and his new wife. He admits to the audience that he wasn’t excited about the idea of a third baby, especially when it would come to the “terrible twos” phase every child goes through. He gave in to his wife’s desire to have another and it resulted in several funny moments. One example is how he talks about the dreadful idea of coming home from a long day at work and having to entertain an energetic toddler.

In all Hart’s shows, he tells stories of the ridiculous things he’s done with his small friend group including Joey Wells, Will "Spank" Horton and Na'im Lynn. For this routine, he talked about their recent trip to Japan and the chaos that ensued during their vacation. He also talked about the time he babysat for one of his friends which he says was an interesting experience. When his friend’s kid was over, she was acting like an adult inside a two–year–old’s body.

For anyone who’s seen a Kevin Hart comedy show or movie, they would notice that he has a red cup on his stool instead of a water bottle like other comedians. In his book “I Can’t Make This Up,” he talks about a time when he and his friends were at a bar, drinking out of red Solo cups. One of the guys stated, “WE ARE THE PLASTIC CUP BOYZ!” From that moment on, that’s what they’ve called themselves. It’s becoming a regular thing for them all, and Hart implements it into his shows.

While the show is filled with hilarious bits, some of them are cruder and raunchier than others. Comedians tell life stories in their routines and add some explicit content in different parts of their show, but it almost feels like Hart is giving away too much information in “Irresponsible.” He goes into graphic detail about his love life with his wife, which is something that other comedians would keep to themselves.

His last special also mentioned a few crude moments in his life such as when his wife hid some inappropriate items in his suitcase when he went on a trip, but that dialogue didn’t go into the same amount of intimate detail as “Irresponsible.” It’s similar to Dr. Ken Jeong’s Netflix special, who also got graphic. While some people enjoyed the detail, there were a few times it went a little too far because he discusses things that should be kept between the couple.

Any Kevin Hart fan will enjoy this Netflix special, and huge fans are in for a show. Each joke had the audience laughing to the point of tears. There were even moments when he’d break character and explain to the audience how much they’ll love the punchline of the next story.

What stood out the most was when Hart told the crowd what he wanted them to get out of the show. He wanted them to leave the show knowing the importance of embracing their mistakes because it’s the only way someone can become a better person. Hart himself knows that he’s made multiple of mistakes in his life that he’s learning from all the time, and he tell them through stories in his routine.

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