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The journey begins with Ajna, a young rebellious teen with a heart of fire, who searches to avenge a lost loved one.

All my expectations were surpassed after finishing “Indivisible” in a little over 20 hours. This overwhelmingly charming game offers an abundance of characters and hand-drawn art that brings the world of “Indivisible” to life. 505 Games has produced a unique and satisfying take on the platforming genre. 

The journey begins with Ajna, a young rebellious teen with a heart of fire, who searches to avenge a lost loved one. Her naivete leads the charge into “Indivisible’s” wonderfully charismatic world filled with companions for her to acquire. The game offers 22 characters for the player to add to their party. These characters are the heart and soul of the game, and by the end, I had a variety of strange and hilariously written companions.

As Ajna progresses through her journey, she discovers her ability to absorb the people she meets. These characters range from Razmi, a hermit with a love for burning anything she can get her hands on, to Ginseng and Honey, a botanist who travels the world for science. Ajna can visit and chat with these characters whenever she likes through her mind’s “inner realm.” Each companion offers extensive dialogue that kept me enticed throughout the entire story.

When the player has finished enjoying the light-hearted conversations “Indivisible” offers, they’ll traverse through the heavily platform-designed levels. The level designs kept me on my toes and require a small amount of platforming competence to find the way through the various maps. As the player goes further into the game, the once-linear maps become more explorative, giving Ajna the option to do a small amount of side quests and find collectibles that increase one’s overall stats. 

“Indivisible” offers a variety of ways for the player to figure out how to get from one place to another. Ajna can use her spear to increase the height of her jump significantly or use her ax to slice into a wall, letting her hold still until she finds the right time to release. This multitude of options made it a joy to explore every inch of the various terrains.

The hand-drawn 2D animation is stunning, and each of Ajna’s movements feel reliable and smooth. Behind each 2D platform is a detailed world filled with beautiful scenery. Whether the player is running through thick jungles or sandy desert storms, the art of “Indivisible” is truly impressive. 

The fighting system is where the game finds a unique blend between real-time and turned-based combat. As the player runs through each maze-like world, they’ll encounter several enemies. When Ajna hits the enemy, a style of turned-based combat will initiate. The player’s party of four — which can be changed at any time — will appear, and the fighting will commence.

The combat is simple yet hard to master. Each player in the party can only use one button to attack. These attacks can be changed depending on the direction the player holds on their analog stick. After each attack, the player will have to wait for their moves to recharge before they can attack again.

Every character’s moveset is vastly different, offering a variety of fighting tactics for the player to experiment with. For example, Dhar’s down button increases his strength up to 12 times the normal damage. If used right, this can make him a powerhouse that can wipe out any single enemy that stands in his way. Other characters such as Tungar are great for dealing area damage to multiple enemies. The option to constantly switch up my party’s fighting style kept the combat fresh and interactive. 

My only wish is for more options after the endgame. “Indivisible” lacks a new game plus mode, which would allow the player to start a new game while carrying over the progression made with their original character. After beating the game, my hunger for more was tangible. Still, “Indivisible” is a beautiful world filled to the brim with personality, and every moment was either spent laughing or concentrating on combining different variations of party members. It’s truly a gem hiding in a year of extraordinary games. 

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