“I’m an operations assistant here at the Guest Services desk in SSC, and I decided to apply for this job because I was having a really hard time my freshman and sophomore years. I didn’t feel like I was making this place my home, and I was stressed out about that. I just remember walking into SSC and seeing someone sitting here who was smiling at you and always friendly to see you.” 

“I decided to apply, and when I got an interview, I was so excited because I knew I needed a job and I wanted to get more involved with people on campus. It turns out that in my one month of working here so far, I’ve met so many great people — either the people that I work with, or my boss or the building manager. Everyone who is here has been super awesome. I love working here because you see so many different faces every day, and we get people who are visiting the school, and they’re like, ‘Do you love it?’ and I’m like, ‘I love it.’ It’s awesome to tell new people everything you like about the job and everything you like about the school — just being a friendly face for when people walk in or leave, and you don’t know what anyone is going through, so it’s just nice to be a friendly face for someone.”