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“Ever since I’ve come to JMU, I’ve really found different communities, and one community that’s really impacted me here has been my time working in residence life. I’ve been an R.A. [resident adviser] for two years — both years in the Village. I’ve actually lived in Frederikson Hall for three years — which is a super cool experience — and this year, I’m a hall director in Converse Hall. It’s been really impactful, just all the people I’ve met and all the students I’ve gotten to impact and all the students and faculty [who] have impacted me. It’s been a super cool thing to learn how to work with others and just build community and learn about one another here at JMU. One of the coolest things about it is I’ve actually found my passion in it. Even though I’m a math major, I actually kind of want to work in student affairs after I graduate. So that’s been really cool to learn that about myself and just find that out here through the great thing that we have in residence life … the faculty and staff and all the people that have worked with that.”

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