“The first time I ever voted was in the primary in 2016, back in New York, and it was just super exciting because I had been watching politics since, like, Obama ran for the first time in 2008. Whenever my mom went to go vote, I always, like, came in, like, the voting booth with her. I always got to, like, pull the lever. And just, like, ever since then, I became interested in politics and voting.”

“And then, when I got to JMU, I became involved with the Student Government Association my sophomore year, and I’ve served on the legislative affairs committee, which is kind of like a subcommittee within SGA. And, since my sophomore year, we’ve been focused on only representing the interests of students when it comes to, like, policy and politics but making sure that students are engaged with policy and with voting and elections.”

2019 FCS Playoffs - JMU

“Every fall, we work with the Center for Civic Engagement and Dukes Vote, which are two non-partisan organizations, and we work with them to register students to vote. We do many classroom visits over the course of the beginning half of the semester, especially because Virginia does have an election every single year. And we saw in 2017, when there were some races that had to be decided by, like, flipping a coin, that every vote matters. And so that’s why, like, I try to, like, work with SGA in getting people out to vote and knowing that they know there is an election and they know where to go.”