Monk is in charge of Extra Life, a charity event that donates to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. 

“I’m currently the president of the club PlayMU on campus, which is JMU’s biggest video game organization. Every year, we run an event called Extra Life, which is a charity event that’s run pretty much globally at this point that supports Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. And how it works is different teams are formed in different places, and they all stream video games online for 24 hours straight as a team, as a collective, to raise money and have people donate to charity. That money gets donated to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and put towards cancer research and stuff like that but also towards paying off medical bills for kids’ families who can’t afford it.”

“For us at PlayMU, we’ve been doing Extra Life for that past couple years, and how we do it is break it down into a bunch of different shifts. So everyone takes like an hour-long shift of the 24 hours, and we just go all the way through. This year is gonna be my second year in a row on the team running the event, so it’s gonna be an awesome experience.”

“It’s such an amazing experience to see all these people come together to support this one cause, keeping such high energy for the full 24 hours. It’s insane, but it’s so much fun.”