“My favorite part of JMU is the organization I’m part of, Students Helping Honduras. Basically what we do is every week, we have a different fundraiser [to] try and raise money so we can build schools in Honduras. I love doing these fundraisers. I love just being loud and getting people’s attention so they’ll come buy stuff and support our cause.”

“I remember one particular fundraiser — it was actually my very first fundraiser — and we were selling tie-dye and everything was all cool, I was making some new friends. And all of a sudden, my crush comes out of D-Hall, and I’m like, ‘He’ll want to buy some tie-dye.’ Kill two birds with one stone, why not? So, I grab a tie-dye headband, and I’m running after him, like, ‘Hey, you wanna buy some tie-dye?’ But he’s walking in the other direction, so I go after him but my mans is wearing Airpods and he just goes on and on and on. So, sadly, that love story didn’t work out, but my love story with Students Helping Honduras will never end.”