“I guess my story is, during my freshman year, I got pretty good grades my first semester, so that led me to apply for a lot of internships. I got a decent amount of interviews, but the main interview that I stuck with … and got the job with was for a company called Northrup Grumman; they’re a defense contracting company. I was able to work with their research and development team basically working on developing a lot of tools. How that’s impacted my life here at JMU is pretty profound because they actually extended my offer to where I can work here at school. So, what I’m doing now is learning a lot of new time management skills in terms of balancing my work life along with my school life. And I feel like that’s actually been helping me a lot in terms of getting better grades. It’s also been really beneficial … for me to apply my skills learned here at JMU and using them for my work and vice versa, using the skills used at my work over here. I just really like that aspect of how JMU — them seeing that name and one of my teammates actually going to JMU — and [them] knowing that it’s a pretty good school, and the guys over here and girls come out to be pretty smart people and they know what they’re doing.”