“I started playing soccer when I was four, actually. I did my first academy when I was four, and I played [recreationally] until I was like 10, and I started playing travel. My travel coach was my high school coach, too, so I played with the same people I played with when I was younger all the way until my senior year, so it was kind of like we became kind of like a family. It was really cool, and we were all pretty close.”

“And then, since I played soccer so much, you hurt yourself sometimes, so I did physical therapy a lot. My [therapist] was actually one of my teammates’ dads, so I talked to him about what he did a lot, and that just got me really interested in it. So, when I started looking at colleges I wanted to find a college that had a program, like, a good [physical therapy] program, and JMU has a good kinesiology degree — like, Pre-PT program — so I started looking here, and I decided that I really liked the campus here, and my tour was really awesome, like, the tour guide was really cool. I decided that I really wanted to go here, so I applied kinesiology Pre-PT, and I got in, so that’s what I do now. It just makes me feel like I’m still kind of doing something like I used to, and it reminds me of that.”